Monday, March 3, 2014

My Only Friends Are Bedbugs

*****This is last week's email, sorry all! I will get today's email up as soon as I can!*****

Hola familia y queridos amigos!!

This week was one of the best in my life!! It has been one of the hardest weeks, and one where I have learned SO much! First things first, I have been forgetting funny things, so here are the funny things:

1. We say good afternoon or good night to everyone we pass by. This week, we were saluded by a GIANT teddy bear who responded ¨good night¨ to us.

2. We got a call at 11pm last Monday night from our district leader. We had two new sisters (their first day in the field) staying with us, so we were trying to be really quiet. Our district leader asked us if I was ready to train (we recieved a lot of new sister missionaries this week), and we responded that we would both go and do what the Lord commands. We honestly thought we would both be training new sisters. Turns out we don´t have any exchanges at all. Nice prank at 11 in the night. :D

3.Sometimes we don´t eat anything in the day, and sometimes we eat a lot. One day this week, we were gifted A TON of food. I never speak ill of the delicious food here, but we were sure full that night!! First, we were each gifted a donut. Holy jamolee the donuts are good here. Then, we were given a ton of food at lunch. Whenever we are in the Elder´s area for lunch, we buy flour tortillas because they are the best on the planet. We ate flour tortillas. We were then gifted melon water (water with blended up melon in it). We then visited our recent convert C, and they gave us cake. Then another family gave us pie and candies. Then, when we got back to the house and were planning, a member brought us tortas with the hottest chili ever! We were definitely full and happy that day! 


I want to dedicate this email to my wonderful companion, Hermana L. She is one of the best women I have ever known, and I am very grateful for all she does for me. She is an example to me in many, many ways. First, her testimony. Hna L is a convert of three years, and her conversion story is absolutely beautiful. She is out here in the field because God told her to, and she has the faith, without the support of her family, to spend a short year and a half in Chihuahua, Mexico. Hermana L has an attitude of dilligence. She works hard through the day to help others. She is always looking for opportunities to serve. It amazes me how she gets people to let her help them.

Hermana L is blessed with the ability to understand what I am saying to her. She often translates for me from what I think is Spanish into what really is Spanish. She truly loves others and has an over-abundance of charity for every person we come in contact with. She is an example to me of following in the Spirit and saying exactly what people need to hear in the exact moment people need to hear it. 

I love that even though she takes her calling as a servant and representant of Jesus Christ very serioulsy, she takes the time to have fun and laugh about experiences that have happened to us. She makes jokes and smiles along the way. I love that she has the perfect balance of work while you play. She works dilligently through the day to help as many people as we can, and does all that with a joke and a laugh. Hermana L makes the misison life enjoyable. We have our moments when we can´t even talk through what we are feeling in a language that both understand, but we have realized that the spirit is a language everyone can understand. I´m get to spend another transfer with Hermana L, and I could not be more grateful! 

We both have a lot of learning to do. I definitely saw that this week. We have a lot of learning to do as individuals, a companionship, and as missionaries of Jesus Christ. We work hard every day to learn what Heavenly Father would have us learn! I am grateful for my mama of the misison, Hermana L!

Hermana Hunt

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