Monday, April 28, 2014

There Is Beauty All Around

This week.


So Hna Z gave me a really cool skirt this week that I wore for the first time Saturday. Problem: the zipper in the back doesn{t have a clasp on top to keep it from sliding down. Found that one out the hard way when we went to eat at a member{s house and the mom zipped my skirt up. The zipper had fallen COMPLETELY down. BAHAHAHAHAhahahahaHAHA. Most embarassing moment of the mission so far? No. Actually. No.

Other funny things:
The mosquitoes here like me A LOT. I have like, twenty bites on one leg alone. Naturally, I slap them to get them to stop itching. Hna Z and I went to eat at KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN last monday and I looked to my left, looked to my right, no one was watching, so I slapped my mosquitoe bite. Looked up, and there was a very confused man staring right at me.

We taught a lesson this week to a man in the street and there was a dog that WOULD NOT stop barking, and I could not understand what the man was saying. Finally, I prayed that the dog would stop. Immediately, the dog stopped barking until we had completely finished the lesson and prayed. I know Heavenly Father answers prayers. Even silly ones.

Okay serious things. We are teaching a couple that has been married for 55 years now. The dad is 81 years old and the mom 74. They are super strong. They go to church every week, and they go to all the church activities. They have a baptisimal date for the 24th of May. Their story is pretty cool. We saw the dad outside working with wood (he's a carpenter) and we offered to help. He looked at us like we were crazy, but allowed us to return to talk with him another day. In our third visit, he told us the only reason he let us come back is because we offered to help him. He said the world is so different these days that no one offers to help anymore. He knew we were different all because we asked what we could do to help. We are teaching four families now because we first helped them physically, and then helped them spiritually :)

Love you all!
Hermana Hunt

this woman loves me because I'm white. I love her because she always says "my precious white girl ahh my precious whitey ahh how have you been my beautiful precious white girl" every time we visit her. hahahahaha.

I lost one of my nametags this week. Hna Z and I searched and searched and searched, and we could not find my nametag. Finally, Hna Z looked up one day and found my nametag clipped here. Neither of us put it there. Do do do do do do do do.

my desk opt to change in two weeks. Can't believe transfers are almost here already.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sometimes We Have To Turn Around

This week has been full of wonderful experiences!! First of all, my companion has been walking really slow because she has horrible shoes that give her blisters! It´s hard to find good shoes here. They have one brand of good shoes, but we have to travel pretty far to get to where they sell them. Anyway. I have been praying for her feet! We went to visit a member of the church this week who hasn´t been to church in a long time. She didn´t know Hna Z was having problems with her shoes or anything, but she pulled some shoes out of the closet and handed them to Hna Z. She said ¨I feel like I should give you these shoes.¨ Two pairs of good walking shoes in Hna Z´s size. Hna Z cried. It was an experience I will never forget.

We found a woman in need of the gospel this week as we passed by her business in a really busy street. I felt the need to enter for some reason, so we turned around and went inside. The woman at the counter had been to church before, but stopped attending a while back. She is in need now of our help. We wouldn´t have found her had we not turned back. We found another sister this week too because we turned around and went back for her. The Spirit has been working this week to help us find God´s children who need us in this moment!

We did splits this week with a couple of sisters from the ward. That means that I went with one sister and Hna Z with another to make our visits. I went to visit the investigators we have. That also means that I had to do all the teaching and talking! It was a testimony builder for me as I was able to understand and teach these wonderful people. I testified to one investigator of the happiness that comes through the gospel. We sang the hymn ¨There is Sunshine in my Heart Today.¨ It was amazing to be able to see that I would be able to communicate without my companion´s help as long as I have the Lord´s help!

We have been guided by the Spirit this week to investigator´s and member´s houses that were in need of our help. We have stopped in our tracks and turned around to visit the people the Spirit has said we needed to visit. We have said what the Spirit has said we needed to say. We have done what the Spirit has said we needed to do. And we have seen the blessings of helping those whom the Spirit has said we needed to help. It has been a wonderful week!!

Love you!

Hermana Hunt

Ketchup is NOT the same. Even though it says Hunt's Ketchup, it is not ketchup. Nope. No no no.

 Pizza is not the same either. Everyone thinks we just eat pizza and hamburgers up there in the states. They´re kind of right. I guess. But they don´t know what pizza is or what hamburgers are. It´s very different. It´s interesting how the same ingredients can taste so different when prepared differently!

Graffiti here is super cool

 these are called death traps. They are in the sidewalk every twelve feet or so, and only about two thirds of them have caps still. The other one-third of them are called death traps. One day I am going to step in one and die!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Let´s go and do everything that is impossible

This week has been an interesting one! I am loving the mission. It is super busy. I thought I was busy with two jobs and school. No ho ho. This is more busy. This requires more. I never realized how busy missionaries are until now. Hahaha

I am loving what I am learning! Something I am trying to learn better is to see others the way God sees them. If Heavenly Father places His confidence in us, we should definitly place our confidence in others. Even though we fail a lot and make mistakes, Heavenly Father still trusts us. I am trying to see better the way God sees His children. To see them through His eyes. It doesn´t come easy. I am used to tearing people down, not building them up. It´s my personality. I am trying to plow past that and build others up in every opportunity I have been given.

I have a pretty sweet companion. She is teaching me how to cook everything from Bolivia, and she cooks A LOT! I am always too full becuase seriously. She cooks a ton! I will know how to cook from Mexico and Bolivia when I get back. And I will be able to talk with a Chihuahuan accent and a Bolivian accent. They are both very different! I can see how much progress I´ve made in the language when I can actually hear the difference in the accent! I still don´t know what they´re saying, but I know they´re speaking differently! Haha :D

Hope you all have a great week and don´t forget to pray!

Hermana Hunt

PS This sister in the photo. Her eyes!!! Who is this gringa and what is she doing?! Hahaha :)

Chihuahua, the city life

people here use what they can to live. This roof is made of fence posts, tin, and cement blocks. I love the simple life here. If it´s broken, they fix it!!

My companion

Monday, April 14, 2014

Today's email

I have two seconds right now to tell you I wont write you until tomorrow. I´m not dead or anything. Don´t worry :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

A New Companion

This week marks my three months here in Chihuahua. I can´t believe it. This week I got a new companion too!! Hermana Z. She´s pretty cool. She has been out for six months now. She knows a lot and follows the Spirit well, so I am learning a lot from her. We are working hard to talk to everyone. She´s from Bolivia, so I am also learning how to cook bolivian food. When I get back I´ll know mexican food, true mexican food, and bolivian food. Pretty excited to learn :)

General Conference was awesome. The session I watched in English was even better. Lol
I am learning to care for the people here more. As President Monson said in the conference, we cannot fully love God if we do not fully love our brothers and sisters, and we cannot fully love our brothers and sisters if we do not fully love God. It´s interesting that the topic the prophet of the Lord was inspired to speak on was love. We obviously need more love in this world. I have seen love change families here in Mexico. I have seen love bring friends closer together. This week I saw love bring enemies closer together. What a blessing it is! When we have love for God and our fellowmen, we are not thinking of ourselves, and that is the true test of our discipleship.
I am trying to have more love for everyone. Investigators, members, my companion, and even myself. I feel kind of like a hippie so I´m going to stop talking about love now.

When the sun comes out in Chihuahua, everyone decides to paint their houses!! We painted two houses this week. BRIGHT green and BRIGHT orange. Everyone loves the bright colors here. Painting a house in a dress. ha. The green house they decided to paint on one of the windiest days this week. I still have bright green paint in my hair and dress. hahaha :D

Have a good week! Love, peace, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
LOVE you.

Hermana Hunt

she walks like a fashion queen.

we made cool t-shirts

not a happy exchange. we cried.


naturally, the first thing I think about when I think hamburger is turtle.

we found someone´s pet rock in the street. I mean, clearly, it´s a pet rock. It´s wearing a t-shirt. Pet rocks are pretty intense here. obviously. My friends K and M don´t even understand. We nicknamed this rock sally. I´m sure its owners have another name for it.