Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pop is Better Than Parasites

They drink a lot a lot a lot of pop here. I never want pop ever again. The other option is water from their tap, so I keep drinking pop. :D
This week has been another absolutely awesome week. Although my ward is very small, we have some of the best members on the planet. We have an absolutely wonderful ward. Every day we eat with a member of the ward for ¨comida,¨ which is like lunch but later in the day. They eat a lot of meals here. Haha :) We rarely have to provide this meal for ourselves because the sisters in the ward are absolutely amazing. Even more amazing when you know there are not very many sisters, so often we eat in one house more than once a month. They always have the best food too.
The people here are amazing in general. The culture is different. haha. obviously. There is a lot of respect here for others. Families live together for longer time, so grandkids have great resepect for their grandfathers and kids for their parents. Almost everyone is religious and very dedicated to waht they belive in, so there is a lot of humility as well. People really believe in God and really believe they are blessed in their lives from God. I love the difference. In general, people are more happy here and more satisfied with what they have. I love to be among these people, and I´m trying to pick up a thing or two from them.
I´m not really sure if this is in english or what it is, but I´ve been asked to share it with you.
I hope you enjoy.
We are impatiently waiting and jumping every time the phone rings for exchanges. We recieve 10 new sister missionaries in our mission today, and we are not sure if we have changes or not. The president wants to interview each of the 38 missionaries who are showing up today before he assigns companions. It´s likely we will change, but then again not likely, so Hermana L and I are just full of anxiety.
On Valentines day I visited another area with Hermana G, our leader sister. She is a wonderful teacher, and I gained more confiedence in speaking when I was with her. Her area is much larger (assistance of 330 in her church building while my ward is about 80) and she is an amazing example to me. We ate crepes with all sorts of yummy bad for you things for the valentines day.
Hope you all are doing well, and remember--pop is better than parasites!
Hermana Hunt

Monday, February 10, 2014

One Whole Month in Chihuahua

This week marked one whole month in Chihuahua! I can´t believe it. The attached picture summarizes everything of Chihuahua. At least someone out there loves a little Hermana that´s getting fatter by the minute on all this Mexican food! Haha

This week was absolutely wonderful. We had three of our families show up to church!! We are teaching one family that is progressing crazy fast, which brings me a lot of joy because I can see their joy! It´s the family of the little boy who fell asleep in our lesson with the Book of Mormon on his face. They are reading and praying and there is a huge change in them. Their baptisimal date is set for the 15th of March. We are also teaching two other wonderful, wonderful families. It´s amazing how everything has a plan. We would not have found this family if this had not happened, or we would not have found this family if we had not been talking to this person. I know the plan God has for everyone is perfect. I know He loves us and wants us to return to live with Him more than anything else. It´s a wonderful work, missionary work.
Thanks for all the support and prayers! In all you do, remember, He has chosen you. Trust Him. He trusts you. In everything you do, do it with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. In thoroughness brings satisfaction.
Love you!

Hermana Hunt

Future Missionary L

Little oranges: these grow on the trees. super, super sour. The skin is super, super sweet. They´re like mini oranges that you eat the peel and inside together. They put salt on them too. I like them :)

white missionary one month birthday

This is what success looks like!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Effects of The Book of Mormon

We have a family we are teaching with a three year old that is very active, an eight year old, and a sister about my age that takes care of the kids. We had a lesson with them the other day, and we were talking about the feelings the sister feels when she reads the Book of Mormon. She said she feels very at peace and good in her heart. We asked her why she thought she felt that way, and she said she had found her answer that the Book of Mormon is true!!! 

I love how happy this work is. 

Funny. During the lesson, the three year old was being loud and everyone had their Books of Mormon out, so I pulled another Book of Mormon out for the three year old and helped him see the words as we were reading the chapter (2 Nephi 31. It{s a good chapter). He was sitting on my left, and everyone else on my right, so no one could see him but me. About half-way through the lesson, he fell asleep with his Book of Mormon on his face open to the picture pages!! It took everything I had not to bust up laughing in our lesson and focus!

I love the scripture in Ether 12:17 that says God shows us our weaknesses when we come unto Him. He shows us our weaknesses so we will be humble, but if we go to Him in faith, He will make weak things become strong unto us. My weaknesses in this work are definitely not just the language, and I am definitely humbled by the many things I need to improve. I love the talk by Elder Bednar on how to become a preach my gospel missionary. He says preach my gospel missionaries understand that they serve and represent Jesus Christ, are worthy, treasure up the words of eternal life, understand that the Spirit is the only true teacher, and understand that to teach is much more than just talk or converse. I am trying to make my teachings much better, along with every other aspect of missionary work. I have a long ways to go! I have felt the help of Heavenly Father as I have tried to be better.

Superbowl yesterday was an interesting day here in Mexico. I love how the Superbowl brings families and friends together, even when often there is contention between teams :) Superbowl is like Christmas here. Everyone travels from far to be with family and friends to watch it. Everyone watches it outside and barbecues "american food" hahaha

Love you all lots and hope you are doing well!

Hermana Hunt

I was labeled the fair sister by the lady who kind of does our laundry. Kind of because we pretty much do it, but have to pay her because the machines we use she tends. They{re not even hers. Things are weird here. But yeah. I am the fair sister and my comp was labeled the dark sister. Haha

We celebrated Hermana L's three year membership of the church, four months of the mission, and one month of being in Chihuhahua for me with marshmallows yesterday that we roasted over the stove. Guys. Even the MARSHMALLOWS are better here. Even the marshmallows.

these chips are so good! Even Hna L thinks they're pretty hot, but I love them. With water. Plenty of water.