Tuesday, August 26, 2014

9 months


We fasted as a district this week to see miracles in our district. We had names of people that could be baptised, but they needed a little push to get to that point. Every companionship had names. I haven`t seen the blessings in the past as easily when it comes to fasting, but I agreed to fast with our district. Seriously, we saw miracles this week. MIRACLES. It was a wonderful week. Every one of the people we fasted for was baptized last week or will be baptized this week. Not only are they being baptized, but they are wanting to do more. They have the vision of the temple in their minds and the Spirit in their heart. 

A few weeks ago, they gave us an example of missionaries who help their investigators be converted and missionaries who only help them to be baptized. I liked the example they used. They had two Elders carry an Elder between them every time he asked a question. Every time he asked  question, the elders would carry him a little bit further. When the time came for the elders who were carrying to leave, the elder inbetween couldn`t walk. He couldn`t take his own steps because the missionaries had always taken the steps for him. They taught us how to help others to be truly converted and find their own answers, not just answer every question just because we can.

I learned this week how to follow the Spirit better so that we can help others to understand our message. I learned how to ask questions and be very direct so that there are no questions and they understand perfectly. Watch out--when I get back I`ll be telling everyone everything super directly without mercy. :D

This week I went to Parral. That is all.

Love you!!

Hermana Hunt

Monday, August 18, 2014

the members put temptations in our hands

These last few weeks I have been feeling a little down because of our numbers. We haven`t had much success in this ward, and the whole time I have been in this new area I have been feeling a little down because I haven´t seen the results of our work. Last week in our zone conference, our zone leaders made a video of awesome leaders and prophets from the scriptures who baptized thousands of people and brought many souls to repentance. These people brought the very darkest of people to salvation. Our zone leaders played a five minute video about all these people who were brought to salvation, and explained to us that we do not have faith because we do not have baptisms. I questioned if I really did have faith.
There is a talk by Niel L Anderson that says we have to choose to have faith. We have to decide to be faithful. It`s not just a feeling that comes naturally. In the Book of Mormon it says ¨For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith¨ (Ether 12:12). I know that when we choose to have faith, we will be the hands of God to bring about miracles, and I have seen that this week. The miracles are all around us, we just have to look for them.
¨And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me¨ (Moroni 7:33).
In some ways, the pressure to have high numbers is good because it makes us work hard. It causes us to set goals and work as hard as we can to achieve them. Even if we don´t have freakishly high numbers, we can take comfort in the fact that we are working in the Lord`s vineyard. If we don`t lose the faith, even though sometimes it gets hard, we will be able to work miracles. We will be able to help, as small as it seems, another person. I know that this is the work of the Lord! I asked this week in prayer, and He told me so. :)

Lots of love.

Hermana Hunt

PS We contacted a lady this week with a two year old boy who yelled: ¨I am catholic!¨ I asked her if the boy was her son and she yelled ¨Yes. AND HE`S CATHOLIC TOO!!¨ hehehe :D

In this mission, we can only eat chocolate between 11 and 6. Members this week gave us all types of chocolate after six. Donuts, cookies...etc. Yumm..nothing like having the temptation staring you in the face ;)

one investigator changed her ¨This house is catholic¨ sign to ¨this house is mormon.¨ That included covering saint judas with a picture of Jesus. hahaha :D

How cute is this flower dog? I mean, seriously. How CUTE.

We teach an investigator whose four sons went with him when him and his ex passed through their divorce. They are pretty crazy kids.

This week we had a few general authorities come talk to us. Those who sang in the choir are in white. Makes the photo pretty funny. This Sunday I get to go to Parral to sing. Pretty excited! i hear parral is like a dream!

These wonderful people bought me a delicious cake and sang me the marrantios :)

Monday, August 11, 2014


So yesterday we had to leave the Gospel Principles class to talk to the secretary, and I left my bag with all my stuff in the classroom. When we made it back to the class, one of the little boys had been playing with my stuff. My keys have a fish made of rubber bands that an investigator gave me. When we got back to the house last night......my keys were not in my purse. It was pretty awesome!! We climbed the gate to see if we could break into our house, but there was no way to get in. We had to call our leaders to call the Elders of the investigator whose son stole our keys late at night to get into our house. Hahaha :D

This week has been great! We have found the way to gain the confidence of the investigators that we have, and they are progressing. I love to see how people can change. One of our investigators fell after TWO whole months of not drinking!! We went to visit him Saturday night and he was drinking with his friends. His kids looked so sad! However, I know that many fall once so that when they get back up on their feet, they are even more stronger than before. I know he will get back up on his feet with Christ´s help and never fall again!

When it rains in Chihuahua, it RAINS. They don´t have many rain gutters either. Actually, I think there is only one in my entire area. The other night, we waded back home in knee deep water. Here they say knee deep is nothing! It only rains for like, ten minutes, but it rains with HUGE drops! It has been raining every night, but it is super hot still during the day.

We´re going to conquer Chihuahua this week--just you wait.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Hunt

We took this picture right when a lightning bolt struck.

I held a rat this week.

This is the "grand and spacious building" in my area. Here they never have to leave. There are jobs inside, apartments, and supermarkets. That´d be the life, no?

Us trapped outside of our house.

We just asked for juice and they gave us the biggest juice EVER! This is what 8 dollars buys you here--a giant juice, delicious homemade hamburger, and yummy fries.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Do you know what typhoid fever is? Neither did I...

Hola familia y queridos amigos!!

We got to see our old companions this week as they came into the city from Delicias because Hermana G has TYPHOID FEVER!! Cuhrayzee. It was fun to see them and Hermana L and I were able to visit the R family to get them excited to get divorced and married!!! I love this family! They are so awesome!! It was fun to have the sisters here with us for a few days. We also went to the hospital this week for my companion, who started to feel like she was going to explode! It has been an interesting week.

Hermana G, our sister leader, also came in to do exchanges with us. It started to rain HARD when I was with her. The nice woman we were with gifted us plastic bags to get back to the house. We walked back to the house in calf-deep water. It was super awesome! It has been raining every night, so it has cooled off A LOT! It´s 29 degrees C right now and we are loving it!

I have seen miracles this week.

Yesterday for fast and testimony meeting, all the youth that went to FSY returned and shared their testimonies with everyone. The Spirit was SO STRONG! I felt the Spirit just as strong as I felt it when I opened my mission call. I was so excited to hear their testimonies. It is so wonderful to see how they were strengthened in just one week. I know this is true!! The Spirit testifies of its truthfulness through our thoughts and heart. I know it´s true. Not just a belief and definitely not a fairytale. It´s so important that we work hard now to recieve the gift God wants to give us.

It´s been a wonderful week!

Have a good one!
Hermana Hunt

hermana K from my other ward found us in the street the other day and gave us a ride!

Hermana G and I in bags...

Two minutes after it started raining.

A less-active member is building this HOUSE for his granddaughter. He´s going to put sheet-rock and tile in and run water through her play-kitchen. Can you say ¨it´s cheap to do things like that in Mexico¨ ?!

Agenda #6. Someone pretty awesome helped me with the left side.