Tuesday, August 26, 2014

9 months


We fasted as a district this week to see miracles in our district. We had names of people that could be baptised, but they needed a little push to get to that point. Every companionship had names. I haven`t seen the blessings in the past as easily when it comes to fasting, but I agreed to fast with our district. Seriously, we saw miracles this week. MIRACLES. It was a wonderful week. Every one of the people we fasted for was baptized last week or will be baptized this week. Not only are they being baptized, but they are wanting to do more. They have the vision of the temple in their minds and the Spirit in their heart. 

A few weeks ago, they gave us an example of missionaries who help their investigators be converted and missionaries who only help them to be baptized. I liked the example they used. They had two Elders carry an Elder between them every time he asked a question. Every time he asked  question, the elders would carry him a little bit further. When the time came for the elders who were carrying to leave, the elder inbetween couldn`t walk. He couldn`t take his own steps because the missionaries had always taken the steps for him. They taught us how to help others to be truly converted and find their own answers, not just answer every question just because we can.

I learned this week how to follow the Spirit better so that we can help others to understand our message. I learned how to ask questions and be very direct so that there are no questions and they understand perfectly. Watch out--when I get back I`ll be telling everyone everything super directly without mercy. :D

This week I went to Parral. That is all.

Love you!!

Hermana Hunt

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