Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This week my district leader forgot again to tell us when we have to go to the mission offices, so we have a good 20 minutes to write. Just enough time to tell you all:


Oh well :) It`s enough time to tell you all that I love you!!! Today my companion leaves and I`m getting a new companion, Hermana L. I`m still in this area where the hills are huge and the views are beautiful. We`re going to be sister training leaders. I think we´re already facebook friends. Two American sisters strutting around in Mexico. Gonna be sweet.

I got sick this week and wasn`t going to go to the hospital until my companion woke up sick one morning too. We both went off to the hospital, and when we arrived, my companion was all: oh, no, I`m perfectly fine, just wanted to get you to the hospital!! Hahaha. Evil. But I feel much better now. Everyone has been sick here. I think it`s for the heat. It`s been pretty hot these last few days.

I know that God lives and that He loves us! I have seen His hand in my life this week, and I am grateful for His perfect love. He knows just when to lift us up and when to help us see our weaknesses so that we can change. This week, we saw one of those weaknesses as we didn`t have anyone in church yesterday. That`s a pretty big downfall. However, I know that we will be better this week so that every one of our investigators will go to church. I know that soon, we will see the church FULL of people who are prepared to recieve our message. Full of people that will convert to this wonderful gospel.

Do your missionary work this week! The Lord is waiting on it!

I love you very much!! Have a great week!

Hermana Hunt

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