Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Spirit

This week was a week full of miracles from our Heavenly Father. A few weeks ago, a friend wrote me with a spiritual experience he had when he was listening to the missionaries. They stopped the lesson and asked him if he could feel the spirit. We have an investigator right now that is having a hard time knowing if she feels the spirit. We were able to stop in the middle of the lesson to see how she was feeling. She said she felt super calm. We testified to her that it was the spirit testifying that our message is true. If I had never heard my friend´s missionary experience, that one investigator in Chihuahua might not have understood the spirit like she does now. It was a really spiritual night that made all the difference with that investigator.

We saw another miracle yesterday as we went to bring one of our investigators to church with us. Our Sacrament Meeting starts at 12 in the afternoon, and it takes us about 30 minutes to walk to church, so we arrived at his house at 11:30. He wasn´t home, but one of his friends came out so we started to talk with him. At 11:35, he took a shower and got ready to go to church. The same day we contacted him, he went to church!! Milagrosamente, a few members passed by to give us a ride and we got to church on time. After Sacrament Meeting, he turned to us and said: ¨I feel really good right now. I feel really peaceful. Next Sunday I´m gonna come back.¨ It was a wonderful experience! We testified that he felt the spirit there.

I learned a litte about how the spirit speaks with ME this week too. Friday night, I had an impression to not go where we were headed. I felt...uncomfortable. Something in my heart that just didn´t feel right. Because it was not in any way convenient to follow the impression, I unfortunately didn`t follow it, and we fell pretty hard that night. After repenting, Saturday, I saw the complete opposite. As we were sitting in the church listening to the women´s conference, I felt the tranquility of the spirit testifying to me that what the speakers were saying was right. I realized that the spirit has never spoken to me in a loud, thunderous voice and has never yelled at me, but has prompted me with little, quiet feelings. It has never came in the thunder of a storm or the loud, harshness of the world, but has spoken so quietly that I have never realized it was the spirit.

I´m grateful for a miracle-working God who loves us and sends us the Spirit to comfort and teach us.

I love you all!! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Hunt

PS I learned how to make pan de nata this week. DELICIOUS.

Giant shopping cart. Why didn't they think of this before?

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