Monday, October 6, 2014

Hey yall! Just want to share a really cool experience with you from this week.

A few weeks ago, we were carrying around a Book of Mormon to give to one of our investigators. That same day, we contacted a man at his work and he accepted pretty fast. As we were talking to him, I felt the impression to give him the Book of Mormon that was meant for our other investigator. I was like: no way jose! This book is for R. I tried to make myself feel better by giving him a restauration pamphlet, but I still felt like I needed to give him the book I was carrying around. Finally, I gave in to the impression and gave him the Book of Mormon. My companion looked at me like: what are you doing? That book is for R! haha we ended up having to give R his Book of Mormon the next day.

This week, we passed by that same spot on our way to an activity. As we got closer to this man, we saw a book in his hands. As we got even closer, we realized that it was the Book of Mormon that we had gifted him!!! He was reading it and is almost in 2nd Nephi!! When we asked him about the book, he got really serious and said: It`s marvelous. It is wonderful--it. is a miracle.

I know the Book of Mormon is true! It is marvelous and wonderful and definitely a miracle. A man can get closer to God by following what that book says than by any other book on this planet. I loved what Elder Lynn G Robbins said in general conference--¨Which way do you face?¨ Do we tolerate satan with fear for what the world will say, or do we seek the approval of God? I have seen in the mission that if we seek the approval of God and not that of man, we recieve the blessings. As we read the Book of Mormon (more important than sleep or a job), we will recieve God`s approval. 

I also loved what Elder Jorg Klebignat said about our weaknesses--that we might have the same weaknesses we have battled against all our life for our entire life, but when we make the effort to overcome them, the Atonement will cover us. That gave me a lot of comfort with some silly little things I keep doing even when I want to change. 

I know Jesus Christ will cover us with His wonderful cloak of the Atonement if we just follow Him. He is asking us to just follow Him! That`s all you have to do! Just follow. Never again follow the wrong voice. His voice is where we find peace. I know it`s true.

Have a great week!

Hermana Hunt

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