Monday, October 20, 2014


Hey family and friends,

I have been informed that I can no longer speak english, which is pretty sad because I´ve got an american companion. She´s been trying to teach me english. Hope it doesn`t keep you from trying to understand what I want to say today :D 

This week was a week full of miracles. 

First off, we met a man so prepared to hear the gospel that I cried. Here in mexico, they have police that roam the street and then they have some big military man who roam the street as well. They are a bit scarier. They drive a giant, military truck with somewhere around 20 military guys just hanging out in the back. Everything is open so that you can see that they are big and powerful, and they are. This week as we were walking a little bit scared by one of these big trucks, the driver stoped us and started asking us questions about why we are here and what we are doing. I´m not gonna lie, I felt a little bit anxious. We answered his questions trying to listen to the Spirit to help us out.

Then all of the sudden, his face changed. He started telling us a beautiful story about his only fifteen-year-old daughter. His wife was not able to have children when they were first married, and they tried five years to have a child, including moving to Chihuahua to find better doctors here. They were faced with a decision shortly after and they had to chose between an expensive procedure and buying a house. They chose to buy the house, knowing that it would mean they might never have a child. That night, this big, tough military guy knelt down and begged that they would be able to find a way to adopt a child that would not cost very much. The next day he went to work only to recieve a phone call from his wife shortly thereafter. ¨I´M PREGNANT!!¨ she exclaimed. They were able to have a beautiful daughter, and sixteen years later this military man still remembers how much he felt in that moment that God really does exist. That He really does listen. That He really does care. We told him about how families can be together forever and he cried. He said that his church teaches that families dont last longer than this life. He was completely ready to do whatever it takes to have an eternal family.

I don`t know why it hit me so hard. I think it´s becuase I had already judged him like, oh jeez let´s try to pass by without creating any attention... that it suprised me so much. It also suprised me that he knows so strongly that Heavenly Father lives becuase of the tender mercies He gives us. It taught me a lot. I saw another tender mercy this week when we went to watch a baptism with one of our investigators, A. It was the most beautiful service I have seen in my entire mission and one of the most spiritual experiences I have had in my life. The man that was baptised was so incredibly happy and he felt so clean. It was a miracle to see. We also saw progress in one of our investigators, R, that we were thinking about dropping a few weeks ago. He was not progressing, but something told us to hold out. We found his need, and he is progressing like crazy. The other day, he prayed in front of us and prayed exactly the way Jesus taught us. It was a little miracle that brought us a lot of joy :)

I am loving this.

Hope you have a great week!! Love you!!

Hermana Hunt

1. These are green prickley pears. We eat them every night. They are deeeelishus.

2. This is our friend. He was watching us this morning so we started barking and he freaked out like--where is this coming from?!?!


The word body (cuerpo) here is very similar to the word pork (puerco). Yesterday we had the Primary program and one of the kids said ¨My pork was created in the image of God.¨

A random dude in the street said ¨Hey young laides!¨ with such a good accent! Everyone who knows English here tries to use it with us when they see two Americans walking down the street. It gets pretty funny sometimes.

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