Monday, October 27, 2014


After six months of being in New Paradise, they are finally kicking me out. I have transfers tomorrow!! I`m still not sure where I´m going or with who, but I´m sure it will be great. I am sad to leave such a good ward!

This week a lot of miracles have happened. I have seen how the Lord´s hand is in everything. We get frustrated--we frustrate ourselves--because we do not see the big picture. We don´t see things how the Lord sees them. A few weeks ago, we were frustrated because we had a really awesome baptism planned for Brother A, had already talked to the bishop and our ward mission leader, and invited a lot of people to the baptism. A few hours before we were to start, we recieved a phone call from the Assistants saying that the baptism would need to be moved to another church at a different hour. We didn´t understand why, but we followed what they said and the baptism went well. 

This week, one of the families in our ward sent one of their daughters on the mission to Chile. When they were right about to leave for the airport, one of her luggages broke. They had to hurry to buy a completely new suitcase with only twenty minutes to catch her flight. They ran to the store, but when they had picked out a suitcase, they found there were seven people in line in front of them! They asked for mercy from one of the workers there, and he ran them up front to check them out when their entire system went down and they were not able to purchase the suitcase!!

Long story short.

The man that was helping them to purchase recognized them from A´s baptism, and recognized that they were members. They let them go without putting a dime down for the luggage, trusting in them that they would return in a few hours to pay for the luggage after dropping their daughter off for the mission. Their daughter made her flight on time and she is now in Chile in this very moment.

How crazy it is that litte things always happen and we don´t even realize it. We get angry, we get frustrated, when really it is God´s plan for us. We just don´t see the big picture. I know God loves us and is patient with us, even when we don´t see what He wants for us.

Have a wonderful week!!

Hermana Hunt

¨We need to learn how to lead and how to be lead¨
¨Remember that all men have their fears, but those who face their fears with faith have courage as well.¨ President Monson

i will miss these ladies.

member missionary work.

separation is a hard thing.

No one told us about daylight savings time, and we woke up at 5:30 on Sunday. We left the house for church at 8 at 6:50. The good thing about all this? The Elders gave us some eggs. Hahahaha :D Note the really expensive Elder´s dwelling place in background one street above compared to the sad Sister missionary´s dwelling place you have seen photos of one street below.

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