Monday, November 3, 2014


Okay, can I just tell yall that I am living the dream of a life?! It´s EN SERIO. I do not see how life could get any better. Just maybe if all my friends and family moved to Parral. Yep. That would make it 100 percent perfect instead of just 99 percent. 


Everyone, and I mean everyone, told me I would never go to Parral because I´m super white. Well take that everyone!! Parral is known as the most beautiful place in the state of Chihuahua. I am kind of in Chihuahua heaven right now. AND. To make things better, my companion is HERMANA M!!!! She´s crazy awesome!! She is so awesome. So yeah. Rant over.

This week was pretty cool. We spent most the week in Chihuahua or on a bus from Chihuahua to Parral or Parral to Chihuahua. (PS. Chihuahua is the biggest city in the state of Chihuahua, where I have been all my mission until now. Now I live 3 to 4 hours in a bus from the big city. Hope that clarifies a bit of the confusion with the whole Chihuahua-Chihuahua thing.) In Parral there is only a branch, not a ward, but it is a really big branch. We just don´t have enough priesthood holders. Hello looking to help men be worthy and be baptized so that we can get a ward out here. The members are awesome. We fight a little bit more to have a place to eat, but most of the Relief Society members are willing to give more than they should to the missionaries out here. One branch. TEN missionaries. We´re a lot of crazy youngsters. Don´t blame someone not wanting to give food to ten extra people. The members are so dedicated out here. It´s amazing.

This week I loved a phrase we sang in English the other day ¨fear not, I am with thee, oh be not dismayed; for I am thy God and will still give thee aid¨ and another one that said ¨we doubt not the Lord nor His goodness--we´ve proved Him in days that are past.¨ I have realized that my entire mission I have done the things for my own hard head, and I have not trusted in the Lord. I have trusted in my own strengths. Last week, I saw how I had no power over a situation, but the Lord, yes. I saw miracles. I saw that I have ¨proved¨ the Lord, and He came through on His part of the deal. He always will. This week, I have been trying to trust the Lord more and to have more faith in Him.

You know those confidence tests they do where you have to fall backwards and trust that someone is going to catch you? That is how I should be with our Heavenly Father. I should confide in Him so much that I don´t worry about falling. I know He will catch me.

Another thing I liked this week, me being super quiet and keeping in my complaints instead of expressing them, was something President said. He said (in Spanish......uhhhh....) ¨Don´t confuse humility with quiet pride.¨ When something isn´t right, a lot of times I just don´t say anything because I don´t want to be all prideful like, hey look dude I´m better and this is just not right, but I think it in my head. I need to stand up for what I know is right instead of just staying quiet. I can´t make a difference if I don´t stand up for what I believe in. 

Hermana Hunt

They eat dead people´s bread here for their dead people day. AKA two days after Halloween. Why is it called dead people bread? I do not know. Why do they eat it on dead people´s day? I do not know. Is it delicious? Obviously.


Satan cat. We gave it some yummy food. Then we had two cats. Then three. There are animals all over the place here in the streets. It´s pretty sad sometimes.

I finally got my scripture cases. They´re awesome!!

President took us to a sweet country restaurant. Yes I took pictures in the bathroom. How cool are these sinks?!

A member made us these CUTE sister missionary cookie jars. They are pringles containers that she cleaned out, decorated, and filled with cookies. I will miss my old ward. They are crazy wonderful.

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