Monday, November 10, 2014

Week Of Miracles

I don´t remember if I told you or not, but a family of investigators went to church for the first time last Sunday, and it was wonderful. However, on Tuesday, we went to visit them and the mom, T, told us that she never wanted to go back to our church, that she had decided that her church is the true church, and that her church was going to help them out with the priesthood just like our church would do. I remember we left that lesson quiet with nothing to say. My companion asked me after a lot of silence--¨what do we do now?¨ T and her family are like our family. They are so wonderful and they had been progressing really fast, especially her daughter, D. I remember walking down the street saying ¨We put our trust in God.¨ and hoping that I would be able to follow my own council.

On Wednesday, we started a fast for her and her family. We trusted in our zone leaders to go and visit her, and we trusted in our Heavenly Father. Our zone leaders went to visit them with our branch president, and I left to do divisions with the other sisters in Parral. Yesterday we saw a miracle. T and D went to church!!! When we went to visit them after church, T told us: ¨I know now why I felt anxiety and sadness when I told you I didn´t want to keep listening to you and I didn`t want to go to your church anymore. I found my answer. I am going to be baptized on the 22nd of this month. I want to be a part of every part of this church.¨ My face--> O:I

It was a wonderful, wonderful moment. I love the happiness you can get when others finally find their answer after searching so hard. T says that she wants to be baptized really soon so that she can go to the temple too. She already started doing her family history and she is going to feed the missionaries like, six times this month. I feel like their family is my family. I feel like her daughters are my little sisters. They are so wonderful and going to be blessed so much by this gospel. 

I went to do divisions with the sisters in Parral and discovered that Parral is........FULL of HILLS. I am sending a few pictures that I hope will help you to understand exactly what it means to walk up the mountains on your tippy toes so that you don't fall backwards, and then to be afraid to go back down because you feel like you`re trying to walk down a slip and slide. It is beautiful, but my oh my these poor sisters have a lot of hills in their area! Something that amazed me though is that these sisters are so happy up in the hills. They trust in God and are seeing a lot of miracles in their areas. When you ask them about the hills, they`re all chill like: Oh yeah, there are hills. But think about this thing that is way cooler than thinking about hills.... hahaha they are a wonderful example for me.

This week in Cuahtemoc, they were able to bring 20 investigators to a branch that in the past has had 100 in attendance. Yesterday, they had 220 attend, with 20 of those being the investigators. We saw a miracle here in Parral also in the divisions when we found a woman that has known that the church is true for years, has a testimony and passion so deep that she wants to be baptized with all her heart, and is just looking for a way to get baptized. She has already been prepared by the Lord. What a blessing it is to see that the Lord is hastening His work. I hope you are praying for missionary work and trusting in Heavenly Father that He will help you know what to do and what to say when the moment comes to share the gospel. It´s a beautiful labor :)

Have a great week! I look forward to hearing your missionary experiences next week!

Hermana Hunt

PS one of the relief society members made us food Thursday. She is really old. Every day we eat at 2 in the afternoon. When we went to this lady´s house, she said with her shaky old lady voice: ¨I started to cook at six in the morning but you didn´t arrive and you didn´t arrive. I hope the food isn´t cold. I have been waiting for you for a long time...¨ hahaha

Pine tree seeds, not rocks. Pine tree seeds are really expensive here and really delicious. I`m pretty sure they just fall on the ground there and no one cares. But they are yummy!!

This is what our bed looked like yesterday. Sunday means you don`t have to make your bed, right? Hahaha this is the first time this has happened in the mission. Sorry mommy....

Porch steps? Who needs those when we built our house on a mountain?

Sister R. It rained a lot this week. It was pretty cold.

Sister J´s house is bigger than my house at home, and they pay less than $250 a month in rent. This is the view from their spectacular windows that face the whole city of Parral. Beautiful. And a beautiful house. they have a jacuzi (dont remember how to spell things) and three bathrooms and a giant kitchen. Hahaha they are living the life :D

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