Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Week of Miracles

This week started off sad because we had a really old lady that wanted to be baptized, but everyone told us that it was going to be really cold this weekend. We knew that with her knees and heart and everything, she would not even be able to walk if it was really cold. She is 84 years old. Then everything started to say that it was going to be a cold weekend. News, people in the street, and the weather itself said that it would be a cold one. How sad. Even Thursday was the coldest day out there. Her service was planned for Friday. We started to fast and pray and tell everyone to fast and pray with us so that P would be able to be baptized. Friday morning we woke up and the first thing we looked at was the sky. Cold. Fog and coldness.

We kept praying.

We finished exercising. Thirty minutes later.

We looked out the window.

HEAT!!!!! SUNSHINE!!!!!!! It was the most beautiful day this week!!!! P was able to be baptized. It was a beautiful service. No one thought it was possible because usually the old people here are SUPER catholic and P was SUPER catholic, but then God started to let her feel the spirit little by little. She started to change little by little. And little by little, the Lord placed the way so that she would be able to be baptized. In the service, her and her daughter both cried and expressed their love for eachother. They both expressed how happy they were. P forgets a lot of things, but all day long she said "I´m already baptized!!" hahaha :)

I have seen so many miracles for fasting these last few weeks. If we have a question or a problem, fasting puts us closer to the Spirit so that we can find an answer. We can do it whatever day and whatever time we need.

We saw another miracle with T and D this week too. Remember how last week she told us she didn´t want anything to do with the church anymore? Welp, this week she is a member of the church. Her and her daughter. Right after their baptism they went to visit investigators with us. They are huge examples for me. They are so committed to do what the Lord says. All week long, T was like: what am I feeling? What is this feeling that just wont leave me? Why do I feel like this?! We helped her to understand that it is the Spirit´s beautiful voice that makes us feel good about the decisions we are making.

I am just standing here in awe at what is passing in the Lord´s work right now. He is working, and He is working hard. Are we watching on the boat or watching from the shore? Are we helping this grand work? Are we on the Lord´s side? Now is the time to show ;)

Love you all!!

Hermana Hunt 

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