Friday, December 30, 2011

be not so much concerned about what you do, but do what you do with all your heart, might, and strength. in thoroughness is satisfaction.

"You want to be good and to do good. That is commendable. But the greatest achievement that can be reached in our lives is to be under the complete influence of the Holy Ghost. Then he will teach us what is really good and necessary to do." F. Enzio Busche

As the year comes to a close I again reflect on what this year has brought, what goals I accomplished, and what goals I have for the year ahead. Yeah, there were small goals I never accomplished--like obtain moccasins, invent something, and donate blood--but there were a lot of big goals I did accomplish. Going to ten temples was the biggest. I also went to college, planted a garden, and gave service. This year has been very good for me!

1. Provo. January 3, 2011.

2. Mt Timpanogos. January 22, 2011.

3. Draper. March 19, 2011.

4. St George. August 16, 2011.

5. Jordan River. September 10, 2011.

6. Salt Lake. December 3, 2011.

7. Oquirrah. December 8, 2011.

8. Bountiful. December 14, 2011.

9. Twin Falls. December 14, 2011.

10. Columbia River. December 15, 2011.

A few on my list for next year:

3. Read your scriptures every day. This one I tried this year starting in August and missed like twenty days. Not so good..haha next year will be better!

8. Go on a hike. I haven't been on a hike in a long time :)

21. Get a scholarship. That. Is a necessity.

Good luck with yours :)


Saturday, December 17, 2011

to store 448.

I am going to miss working at the Orem Hobby Lobby. All of the people there are so wonderful! They have become like family to me. I have loved how much they have welcomed me and gotten to know me, and I will miss each and every one of them. I hope the store continues to be successful so they are happy. I will never work with anyone like them ever again, and I will miss their different personalities and humor a lot! It has been a wonderful year!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

a post about my brother.

Not a day goes by that I do not  think about my brother. Sadness fills my heart when I think of him. Sadness. And hope. I love him very much.

I remember the day I told him I hated him. I remember the day he threw up all over me. I remember when we played all day with our harry potter legos, or when we played harry potter without legos and he always got to have the coolest wand. I remember watching batman and power rangers with him and pretending I didn't like it, and jumping across pillows in the living room like there was lava under them.

I especially loved when he cornered me and pretended to have a llama and that he would poke me in the butt with a stick. Or when we shoved his face into his ice cream cake for his birthday. I have loved every moment, good or bad, of growing up with him. He has always been there for me and always loved and taken me as I am. I miss how he never let me let go of the moment I ran straight into a fence on my bike, or exclaimed that I loved the jello my mom made when it was really jam!

Over this last year, I have really missed having someone I am so close to. Someone to make fun of me and to look at me like I'm stupid when I'm..being stupid! I have missed getting him to smile when all he wants to do is look like he hates the world. I have missed having a brother.

I'm grateful that in just a 'week and a half!' I will be able to see him again. I hope one day he will be able to find a true happiness that will never leave him. He deserves it. I love him very much and will never stop loving him :)