Monday, October 13, 2014

Little Things Make Big Things Happen

This week we were blessed with another miracle as we found a family that really needs Christ´s help. 

As we were talking to one of our investigators, R, a group of young people walked up and wanted to buy pan de nata. My companion started talking to one of the youngsters because he had a knotts farm sweatshirt on from California. He expressed his concerns for his mom who is really sick, and they all invited us to go to their house and talk to them. They didn`t remember their address very well because they had just barely changed houses, so they told us the street and the number that they could remember and took a pamphlet home with them to read. 

The next day we went to look for their house, found it, knocked, and it wasn`t them!! We were devastated!! They had given us the wrong house number. The next few days we spent our time asking everyone in the street if they knew a teenager named E that lived around that area. Nothing. We found some other investigators and learned our area a little better, but nothing. 

The other day we were with member and we had to stop to explain him something, and an old man came out of one of the houses exactly before we were about to head for another appointment. We were already late because of a situation in the afternoon and a different member we stopped and talked to for a little while, but we took advantage of the situation with the old man to ask him if he knew a teenager named E. HE DID. It was E´s grandpa!!! We passed by Sunday to visit them, thinking we had just seen a miracle, but little did we know...

E told us Sunday that he never wears sweatshirts. His mom made him put on a sweatshirt because it is getting a little cold here, so he put on a plain, black sweatshirt. Just before leaving the house, he stained that sweatshirt and had to put on another. The knotts farm sweatshirt. We were able to help them feel better with their mom, teach them Heavenly Father´s plan for us, and make plans with them for baptism. Maybe the biggest miracle I have seen in the mission so far.

Everything we did that day and he did that day lead up to us meeting each other. The sweatshirt, the pan de nata, the lateness of us meeting. If we had not had a catastrophe in the afternoon, we would have passed by there earlier. If we had not stopped to talk to the member for a little bit, we would not have been in that spot at the exact time we needed to be there. 

I know Heavenly Father works in miracles. He is a loving God who wants us to return to Him. I know this gospel is true. I know it for the Book of Mormon. I know it for a prophet on the earth today. I know it for the little blessings I see each day that turn into big blessings.

I love being a missionary :)

Hermana Hunt

Funny things:
Hermana Lowe looked up the word ¨maya¨ this week (which means nylons) and in the dictionary it says ¨mesh, mail, leotard.¨ She read the definition to me and I heard ¨MESH MALE LEOTARD.¨ That´s awkward.

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