Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I am so happy!

I am so happy!!! The mission is wonderful. Serve one.

Before in the mission, I made little mistakes. I would start my studies one minute late or leave the house one minute late. I would eat chocolate more than two times a week. Little things. However, this week I learned that those little things really do matter. I repented of all the little things I had been doing and started to strive to be 100 percent obedient. I left all my errors behind me and started to be better in every way. This week, I have seen the difference. I have felt closer to the Spirit. We had more success with our investigadors, and I feel better about what I am doing. Little tiny things make all the difference!! I see now that as we are obedient and have a completely clean heart, Heavenly Father blesses us. 

Yesterday we had 5 investigators go to church! Three of them have dates to be baptized! We are seeing the fruits of our labors! I know Heavenly Father blesses us for the extra we put in. To make water boil, all you need is one degree extra (youtube has a great one more degree video of water boiling...in spanish). Water doesn´t do anything until you give it just one more degree of heat, and then all of the sudden it´s boiling. It´s the same with our strength. If we just strive a little bit more to do a little bit more than what we were doing before, the miracles will come.

I didn´t know I was holding back the work from progressing like it should have. When I prayed to see what I would be able to do better, Heavenly Father showed me the way. He helped me to see how I could improve, and He blessed us for the changes that we have made to be better.

This week we went to visit the most beautiful site in Chihuahua with the leaders of the mission. It was a dream!!

Have a great week!

Hermana Hunt

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Patty said...

This "little things" post helped me so much.
I thank you for that and send extra blessings and love to you.
I am so grateful for sister missionaries like YOU!
Patty Creagh