Monday, September 8, 2014

pizza. in a chinese restaurant. in mexico.

This week. Whew. I have learned so much!! My new companion is a boss. We get along really well. We try not to speak english, unless we want to say ¨sup¨ or ¨don chu be takin ta me like dat.¨ We have found that we have absolutely no time to do anything anymore as we´re working kind of like zone leaders for the sisters in the mission. We get back to the house and call them or plan something for them, and then we have to report how they´re doing. We´re always doing something now. haha

Siser L is teaching me how to follow the Spirit better. She searches for the Spirit´s guidance all day long and has the courage to follow what she recieves. We have learned this week the importance of being obedient to the T so that nothing bad happens. Two Americans walking around here attracts a lot of attention. However, when we follow the Spirit, we see miracles!

We had a lesson SO AWESOME with one of the families we teach. Brother R has stopped drinking and smoking and he wants to be baptized so bad!! However, he is still married with one woman and living with another. We are working on his divorce so he can marry the woman he is living with, but she doesn´t want to marry him! He treats her pretty badly sometimes, so I understand her fear in marrying him. They have been together for 10 years and have two kids. We taught them all about the family, and at the end of the lesson Brother R told her that he loves her!!! It was so awesome and we all went our separate ways edified by the Spirit.

Someone told me to think of the biggest miracle I have seen on the mission and how that miracle has changed my life. I searched through all the miracles I have recognized, and finally I thought of Brother M, who was baptized with his whole family. He was in a gang and all that crazy stuff before their baptism. I remembered how he changed so much and began to recognize how important his sons are to him. He is completely different now!! That miracle has changed my life. I know that families are SO important! I know Heavenly Father placed us in families for a reason, and that in the family, we can find the most joy. I am grateful for the oportunidad, big or small, to help the families of these people down here. I hope to give them the opportunity to have a family kind of like the wonderful family I have.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Hermana Hunt

President took us out to eat at China City. A Chinese restaurant in Mexico that sells pizza.

This dog is our friend. He protects us. I´m not sure why, but he is always barking at others and super happy around us. Sometimes he tries to break in to our house also just because he wants to be loved.

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