Monday, August 4, 2014

Do you know what typhoid fever is? Neither did I...

Hola familia y queridos amigos!!

We got to see our old companions this week as they came into the city from Delicias because Hermana G has TYPHOID FEVER!! Cuhrayzee. It was fun to see them and Hermana L and I were able to visit the R family to get them excited to get divorced and married!!! I love this family! They are so awesome!! It was fun to have the sisters here with us for a few days. We also went to the hospital this week for my companion, who started to feel like she was going to explode! It has been an interesting week.

Hermana G, our sister leader, also came in to do exchanges with us. It started to rain HARD when I was with her. The nice woman we were with gifted us plastic bags to get back to the house. We walked back to the house in calf-deep water. It was super awesome! It has been raining every night, so it has cooled off A LOT! It´s 29 degrees C right now and we are loving it!

I have seen miracles this week.

Yesterday for fast and testimony meeting, all the youth that went to FSY returned and shared their testimonies with everyone. The Spirit was SO STRONG! I felt the Spirit just as strong as I felt it when I opened my mission call. I was so excited to hear their testimonies. It is so wonderful to see how they were strengthened in just one week. I know this is true!! The Spirit testifies of its truthfulness through our thoughts and heart. I know it´s true. Not just a belief and definitely not a fairytale. It´s so important that we work hard now to recieve the gift God wants to give us.

It´s been a wonderful week!

Have a good one!
Hermana Hunt

hermana K from my other ward found us in the street the other day and gave us a ride!

Hermana G and I in bags...

Two minutes after it started raining.

A less-active member is building this HOUSE for his granddaughter. He´s going to put sheet-rock and tile in and run water through her play-kitchen. Can you say ¨it´s cheap to do things like that in Mexico¨ ?!

Agenda #6. Someone pretty awesome helped me with the left side.

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