Monday, July 28, 2014

the mosquitoes are eating me alive!

This week has been an amazing week!! I have learned so much! I am greatful for my weaknesses because they give me something to work on! In the mission, you see your weaknesses like, 100% better than before. You know exactly where your limits are and where your strengths are. I am working on a lot of things right now, and I am greatful that every time I ask, I am able to see more things that I can work on.

This week I found out that E was baptized, an investigator we found in my other area! Saturday she was baptized with her daughter and her son. It was wonderful to see a picture of their big day and know that a long time ago, in an area far away, I felt the impression to buy tortillas from her. I guess there is something good that comes out of the fact that I´m gaining weight from eating so many flour tortillas ;)

I have learned this week how to better have the Spirit with me. If I have the Spirit with me, I will feel love for others, I will have patience, and I will be able to help. One of the members who helped create Preach My Gospel said that if the missionaries have more charity, they will have more success. Actually, we can´t teach at all as missionaries if we do not have the Spirit. If it is not by the Spirit, it is not of God. 

I have had the weight of an investigator on my shoulders the whole time I have been in this new area. I was teaching her from my old area, and when I left they stopped teaching her. I knew she lived in this area, but I couldn´t remember where! I knew I needed to find her. I was thinking about her constantly, not knowing how to find her. This week, we were trying to find a contact we made in the street the other day when I looked up and saw the street name! GV!!!!! It was her street!!!!! We started searching frantically for her orange house, but we couldn´t find it. It had a big plant in front too. Nothing. We did all we could--we found the street, we searched up and down, looked for her last name on the mailboxes, and nothing. So we turned back. 

I was feeling pretty down as we started walking away from where her house should have been, when all of the sudden we heard: ¨Muchachas!!¨ It was H! She saw us in the street and yelled out to us! They had removed their plant and painted their house purple, so I didn´t recognize it! We were able to talk to her that day, she went to the Visitors Center Thursday, a baptism Saturday, and even stayed for a Family Home Evening in a members house. I feel the weight off of my shoulders and am so happy we found her! I know she will progress fast :)

This is the work of the Lord!! His work is perfect, it´s us that make mistakes constantly. Gratefully, He is able to use us to bring His work to pass. And His timing is perfect.

Love you all!

Hermana Hunt

It doesn´t matter what I put on my legs, the mosquitoes are EATING ME ALIVE!!! aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! hahaha :D

Sometimes I don´t remember people´s names. Here we have an appointment with the lady with red hair and the other with the bags....haha

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