Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Miracle of Family

Remember when I told yall about the man that came up to us in the street because he wanted to know why we were so happy ¨question mark¨ He was about to get divorced, and was very sad because of how his family was being torn apart. We started teaching his son and daughter too, but we had to teach them when their mom was not home because of the conflict. The mom is strictly catholic. He and his daughter started to progress very fast, but we didn{t know what to do about the family situation. We taught about good family relationships and how important the family is. We also prayed. A lot.

Saturday, we called the daughter to see how she was doing. She was so happy and told us ¨MY FAMILY IS BACK TOGETHER!!!¨ They are back together and doing great!! The daughter talked to the mom about the church and the spirit she feels and the changes she is making. The mom has decided to listen to us and is very happy with the message we have!! 

This week I have truly seen a miracle. If nothing more, I have seen a family get back together. The family is the most important social unit in this life and for the eternities. I have seen great miracles in the family. This morning I was reading about if we do not teach our children the gospel, the sin is over our shoulders. Yikes. I was also reading about how mothers and fathers have different responsibilities, but both have the responsibility to teach the gospel and help their children to live it.

It{s pretty safe to say I am good with being in the mission right now and not having to worry about all that stuff. My companion always makes fun of me when I study about eternal marriage or the familiy. haha :)

The purpose of this life is to have joy in our families and prepare ourselves to return to the presence of God. Therefore, if we don{t have joy in our families, it{s probably because we{re not all preparing to return to the presence of God, and therefore, we are not fulfilling our purpose here. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when we base our family on the teachings of Jesus Christ. I know it{s true.

I find it very interesting as a missionary to feel the spirit in people{s houses. There is a notable difference between a strong family and a weak one. We can feel the difference in every house we visit during the day. I know families are very important and I know they can be eternal!

Love you!

Hermana Hunt

This dog followed us all the way to church yesterday and waited for us to get out. I love dogs here. They are calm. This dog was really pretty!!

These are my gringas and my companion :)

This is breakfast for missionaries who have to suffer through week five in one month.

This picture doesn{t really show it, but i{m burnt. I put sunscreen on every 3 hours, and I am walking around with an umbrella everywhere I go, but I am still burning.

I got to go to the very fancy restaurant.......DENNYS!!

I sang a solo again this day. My voice gets all shaky.

My district before the cambios :(

Classic preaching to something dead the Plan of Salvation

A sister from my other ward emailed me this picture from my old ward. How cute.

Hermana L and Hermana H. 

Her last day in the mission!! How sad.

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