Monday, July 7, 2014

Yo soy un feo. Un feo que sabe amar

Yo soy un feo. Un feo que sabe amar. Con todo su corazón. Y que te ama de verdad!!!

Well my companion had transfers today. They let us know at 10:20 last night to be in the office at 11 this morning. And guess what?! I'm training!!!!!! My little girl, Hermana P. She´s so little and cute. And I'm kinda freaking out. A bit.

This week has been awesome!! I learned a lot about how to teach this week as our zone leaders came to visit a few of our investigators. I learned how they use the spirit to speak. There are three important things in the misison--worthiness, work, and teachings. When you are worthy, the spirit can work with you. When you work hard, you can reach a lot of people, and when you teach well, they will want to change and repent and become better people. I learned this week how to teach in a way that they will really understand, and when we have the Spirit with us, it testifies to their hearts that this is true. It is true!

I have learned the importance of the Book of Mormon, and my testimony has been strengthened in that precious book. Eight weeks or so ago I made the goal to read the Book of Mormon every day at 7:45 before my personal study time. Every day, I have had the opportunity to read the book that will bring us closer to God than any other book, and I have felt the difference in my life. I feel the Spirit more strongly every day, I know more about the plan our Heavenly Father has for us, and most of all, I know better who I am as a daughter of God.

I know the Book of Mormon is true and that a man will get closer to God by reading its pages than by whatever other book there is out there. Even if it's in Spanish :P I feel the influence of God in my life stronger and stronger every day. I love the Book of Mormon!

Love you all. Quizás soy una fea, pero sé como amar :)

Hermana Hunt

The sky in Chihuahua!!

Cheese pie. Sounds gross. Best thing in the world.

Chihuahua is pretty

I saw my mommy today!!!!!

We arrived to the missionary choir yesterday matching, hahaha how embarrassing

independence day. we made a tent. that be right.

my shoes. nothing a little glue cant fix.

Hermana C. said we could use sunglasses. I don't think these are what she meant.

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