Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yes. She is 19.

Yes, my companion is 19 years old. Everyone thinks she´s 14 or 15. She´s short and super skinny. Looks like I´m walking around with a kid. hahaha :) She´s awesome and is learning a lot. I have to re-train her from a little bit of damage her last companion did (she already had 2 weeks in Chihuahua before we had transfers). She is learning to be obedient and to talk more! I basically don´t have to do anything because she has already got this down pretty well. Just help her to find the light of a missionary in her eyes. It´s a light I have come to recognize out here in the field. She is learning very fast!

She´s really small. She fits in my laundry bag. Mi pequeñita preciosa. 

Funny things:

1. This week I stepped on a rat. It squished beneath my shoe. Good thing I was wearing shoes!!! It was pretty sick.
2. I learned to ask very specifically if the baptismal candidate is married by the law or just the church as we were going to have a very awesome baptism this Saturday....SURPRISE!! They´re not married.
3. An old man told us to go away, stop bothering him, and go cook some beans or something. Only in Mexico do they tell you to go cook beans.
4. A woman in the street yelled at us when we called her Hermana. ¨You´re not my sisters! You´re Jehovah´s Witnesses!!¨ 

I learned a story this week about a man who only baptized one person in his entire two-year mission in France. He was so bitter about his success that when he returned home from the mission, he went inactive and stopped going to any church functions. Years and years later, he finally went to a church activity. In the activity, he met a missionary serving in his ward from France. They started to talk, and he learned that the missionary was the son of his only convert in the mission.

We´re not here to baptize, we´re here to invite people to Christ. Invite them to Christ so that they stay with Christ. That they endure to the end. That they never let go. I have seen miracles here in the mission. Miracles of just one person changing their life, and not turning back. Sometimes it looks like we´re not doing anything, and sometimes it looks like we´re doing a lot, but I have learned there is a time to plant and there is a time to harvest. I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. I know this Gospel is true!

Love you!

Hermana Hunt

PS attached is a video of my beautiful city. From this enormous hill, you can see my old area and my new area together :)

Everyone loves little dogs here. I thought it was just the name, but seriously, legit--they all have Chihuahuas in Chihuahua.

This woman is a recent convert who is starting to forget everything!! We show up to her house and she tells us the same story over and over and over! She is so sweet. Every time she invites us to lunch with her friday, but forgets she invited us to lunch.

Missionaries. Always there when you least expect it.

We found this in the garbage the other day.

You will always be the cream to my tacos. Only in Mexico.

I ate little Caesar's this week!!!!! It´s the most expensive pizza here. haha

We were in a taxi. I forgot to tell you weeks ago that I got in a taxi once and the taxi driver had like, ten small puppies in his taxi. It was so weird.

My step-mother and my step-daughter in the mission.

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