Monday, August 11, 2014


So yesterday we had to leave the Gospel Principles class to talk to the secretary, and I left my bag with all my stuff in the classroom. When we made it back to the class, one of the little boys had been playing with my stuff. My keys have a fish made of rubber bands that an investigator gave me. When we got back to the house last keys were not in my purse. It was pretty awesome!! We climbed the gate to see if we could break into our house, but there was no way to get in. We had to call our leaders to call the Elders of the investigator whose son stole our keys late at night to get into our house. Hahaha :D

This week has been great! We have found the way to gain the confidence of the investigators that we have, and they are progressing. I love to see how people can change. One of our investigators fell after TWO whole months of not drinking!! We went to visit him Saturday night and he was drinking with his friends. His kids looked so sad! However, I know that many fall once so that when they get back up on their feet, they are even more stronger than before. I know he will get back up on his feet with Christ´s help and never fall again!

When it rains in Chihuahua, it RAINS. They don´t have many rain gutters either. Actually, I think there is only one in my entire area. The other night, we waded back home in knee deep water. Here they say knee deep is nothing! It only rains for like, ten minutes, but it rains with HUGE drops! It has been raining every night, but it is super hot still during the day.

We´re going to conquer Chihuahua this week--just you wait.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Hunt

We took this picture right when a lightning bolt struck.

I held a rat this week.

This is the "grand and spacious building" in my area. Here they never have to leave. There are jobs inside, apartments, and supermarkets. That´d be the life, no?

Us trapped outside of our house.

We just asked for juice and they gave us the biggest juice EVER! This is what 8 dollars buys you here--a giant juice, delicious homemade hamburger, and yummy fries.

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