Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pop is Better Than Parasites

They drink a lot a lot a lot of pop here. I never want pop ever again. The other option is water from their tap, so I keep drinking pop. :D
This week has been another absolutely awesome week. Although my ward is very small, we have some of the best members on the planet. We have an absolutely wonderful ward. Every day we eat with a member of the ward for ¨comida,¨ which is like lunch but later in the day. They eat a lot of meals here. Haha :) We rarely have to provide this meal for ourselves because the sisters in the ward are absolutely amazing. Even more amazing when you know there are not very many sisters, so often we eat in one house more than once a month. They always have the best food too.
The people here are amazing in general. The culture is different. haha. obviously. There is a lot of respect here for others. Families live together for longer time, so grandkids have great resepect for their grandfathers and kids for their parents. Almost everyone is religious and very dedicated to waht they belive in, so there is a lot of humility as well. People really believe in God and really believe they are blessed in their lives from God. I love the difference. In general, people are more happy here and more satisfied with what they have. I love to be among these people, and I´m trying to pick up a thing or two from them.
I´m not really sure if this is in english or what it is, but I´ve been asked to share it with you.
I hope you enjoy.
We are impatiently waiting and jumping every time the phone rings for exchanges. We recieve 10 new sister missionaries in our mission today, and we are not sure if we have changes or not. The president wants to interview each of the 38 missionaries who are showing up today before he assigns companions. It´s likely we will change, but then again not likely, so Hermana L and I are just full of anxiety.
On Valentines day I visited another area with Hermana G, our leader sister. She is a wonderful teacher, and I gained more confiedence in speaking when I was with her. Her area is much larger (assistance of 330 in her church building while my ward is about 80) and she is an amazing example to me. We ate crepes with all sorts of yummy bad for you things for the valentines day.
Hope you all are doing well, and remember--pop is better than parasites!
Hermana Hunt

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