Monday, April 7, 2014

A New Companion

This week marks my three months here in Chihuahua. I can´t believe it. This week I got a new companion too!! Hermana Z. She´s pretty cool. She has been out for six months now. She knows a lot and follows the Spirit well, so I am learning a lot from her. We are working hard to talk to everyone. She´s from Bolivia, so I am also learning how to cook bolivian food. When I get back I´ll know mexican food, true mexican food, and bolivian food. Pretty excited to learn :)

General Conference was awesome. The session I watched in English was even better. Lol
I am learning to care for the people here more. As President Monson said in the conference, we cannot fully love God if we do not fully love our brothers and sisters, and we cannot fully love our brothers and sisters if we do not fully love God. It´s interesting that the topic the prophet of the Lord was inspired to speak on was love. We obviously need more love in this world. I have seen love change families here in Mexico. I have seen love bring friends closer together. This week I saw love bring enemies closer together. What a blessing it is! When we have love for God and our fellowmen, we are not thinking of ourselves, and that is the true test of our discipleship.
I am trying to have more love for everyone. Investigators, members, my companion, and even myself. I feel kind of like a hippie so I´m going to stop talking about love now.

When the sun comes out in Chihuahua, everyone decides to paint their houses!! We painted two houses this week. BRIGHT green and BRIGHT orange. Everyone loves the bright colors here. Painting a house in a dress. ha. The green house they decided to paint on one of the windiest days this week. I still have bright green paint in my hair and dress. hahaha :D

Have a good week! Love, peace, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
LOVE you.

Hermana Hunt

she walks like a fashion queen.

we made cool t-shirts

not a happy exchange. we cried.


naturally, the first thing I think about when I think hamburger is turtle.

we found someone´s pet rock in the street. I mean, clearly, it´s a pet rock. It´s wearing a t-shirt. Pet rocks are pretty intense here. obviously. My friends K and M don´t even understand. We nicknamed this rock sally. I´m sure its owners have another name for it.

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makaylaismyname said...

Miss seeing you at the frame shop! I'm glad your journey has lead you to new and exiting things.