Friday, April 18, 2014

Let´s go and do everything that is impossible

This week has been an interesting one! I am loving the mission. It is super busy. I thought I was busy with two jobs and school. No ho ho. This is more busy. This requires more. I never realized how busy missionaries are until now. Hahaha

I am loving what I am learning! Something I am trying to learn better is to see others the way God sees them. If Heavenly Father places His confidence in us, we should definitly place our confidence in others. Even though we fail a lot and make mistakes, Heavenly Father still trusts us. I am trying to see better the way God sees His children. To see them through His eyes. It doesn´t come easy. I am used to tearing people down, not building them up. It´s my personality. I am trying to plow past that and build others up in every opportunity I have been given.

I have a pretty sweet companion. She is teaching me how to cook everything from Bolivia, and she cooks A LOT! I am always too full becuase seriously. She cooks a ton! I will know how to cook from Mexico and Bolivia when I get back. And I will be able to talk with a Chihuahuan accent and a Bolivian accent. They are both very different! I can see how much progress I´ve made in the language when I can actually hear the difference in the accent! I still don´t know what they´re saying, but I know they´re speaking differently! Haha :D

Hope you all have a great week and don´t forget to pray!

Hermana Hunt

PS This sister in the photo. Her eyes!!! Who is this gringa and what is she doing?! Hahaha :)

Chihuahua, the city life

people here use what they can to live. This roof is made of fence posts, tin, and cement blocks. I love the simple life here. If it´s broken, they fix it!!

My companion

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Patty said...

Remember how it is spelled and
look at it differently...
I'm Possible.
Yes, you are!
Love your posts. Love you.