Monday, March 31, 2014

General Conference

GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!! General Conference = Christmas for missionaries.

Watch this. It´s in Spanish. But that doesn´t really matter. It´s about General Confrence! And! It´s downtown Chihuahua!!

This week=totally awesome. 
My companion=totally awesome.
Recent converts going to general conference for the first time=super awesome.
The HEATHEATHEAT=totally gross.
Knowing this is not heat yet=so not cool.
My ward=totally awesome.
Getting a new companion tomorrow=:(
Knowing I still have a whole lot to learn out here=pretty cool.
The video they played for the women´s session of conference=made me cry.

I am learning a lot here. I am trying to focus more on others. Completely on others. I´m learning about charity, and it´s changing me. I´m different. A lot different. And it´s a good difference. I know I still have a long way to go! I´m already sad I´ve been out here for 5 months. I want this to last forever!

Hope you all are doing great! Love you all!!

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