Monday, March 3, 2014

Every Day a Jamba Juice Day

Could I really be in any better place in the world? I think not. Every day on the streets they{re selling what is better than Jamba Juice for way less than Jamba Juice. This morning I had a whole glass of pure, freshly squeezed orange juice and two burritos with carne, potatoes, and beans for less than four dollars. Livin the life. ;) On the other hand, some things are more expensive (shampoo of all things! Weird, I know).

While on the bus last week, two men started playing the guitar and singing PERFECTLY. Just chillin in the middle of the bus. I don{t know how they did it with a guitar and everything--I have a hard enough time standing without a guitar on these crazy busses! It was so cool. I loved their music!

This week was wonderful. Three very amazing things happened that strengthened my testimony a lot. First of all, we went to visit an investigator who had a date for her baptism, but needs to resolve some sticky situations before she can be baptized. She was having a hard time keeping her chin up with the difficult situation that she has, and was feeling very down. We asked her why she wanted to be baptized, and the answer she gave blew me away. I did not know she felt so intense about wanting to be baptized. It is amazing the faith she has. We are working hard, praying a lot, and putting our trust in the Lord that we can resolve everything. My testimony of the power of baptism was strengthened as she bore her testimony of baptism and the reasons she wants to be baptized.

Second, we started teaching a sister named R that is very catholic. When we first visited her, we talked about how she is having some problems with her son and his new wife helping out around the house and having respect for her. We testified of the power of prayer and of the answers that she can find in the Book of Mormon to whatever questions she has. The next visist, we went in to talk about how families can be together forever, and she had been reading the Book of Mormon. She said how she prayed and asked for help, then opened the Book of Mormon and immediately found her answer. A sweet spirit filled the room when she told us of the answer she found and the changes she is making in her life because of that answer. My testimony was strengthened of the power and truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. 

Third, we have an investigator K who is going to be baptized this month. She{s only eleven, but she is amazing! We went to talk to her and her family the other day and she expressed how she felt she wasn{t ready anymore. We talked to her about how the purpose of this life is to learn and grow, and we{re always going to be doing that. We talked to her about how the only thing Heavenly Father asks is a desire and repentance, and how every week we have the opportunity to partake of the sacrament and renew our covenants. At the end, we offered a kneeling prayer with them. K said that during the prayer, she felt a peace that she only feels while she is praying. She talked about how grateful she is that through prayer, she can feel comforted and have the courage to do what is right. My testimony of the power of a simple prayer was strengthened that day.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to help others have experiences in their life that bring them closer to Heavenly Father, and in turn, strengthen my testimony. I am grateful to be in Chihuahua where there is always juice to be had and sometimes beautiful singers on the crazy busses. Where it}s always sunny except for when it dumps hail, and where the people are always laughing about something, even when it{s really not that funny. 

Love you all and hope you can still understand my english!

Hermana Hunt

PS I dreamed in Spanish a few nights ago. It was horrible. Everyone was asking me where all these streets are and I had no idea where any of them were. Horrible. I hope I never dream in Spanish again. ;)

while hna L was setting up the camera, Elder R jumped into the picture. Lol this Elder always has a joke up his sleeve. I taught him the word [Sup] naturally--I mean, what other word is there to teach, right? and so every day now he goes around [Sup, sup sup] haahaha

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