Monday, March 24, 2014

Three Months In Chihuahua

Can you believe this week marks three whole months in Chihuahua? Me neither.

My testimony was strengthened so much this week as we had the baptism of E, a twelve year-old young women with a testimony as strong as an old lady. Seriously. Her family has been attacking her decision to be baptized, and even brought a couple of pastors from other churches to confuse her. Even through all the trials, she knew the right decision was baptism. She{s got some pretty cool stories about how she knows it{s the right decision. Heavenly Father really is definitely fighting on our side. She was baptized Saturday.

After she came out of the water, Hermana L and I were helping her with her wet clothes and she said: 

{Hermana, did you feel the Spirit?!}
{Yes, E, I felt the Spirit.}

Saying that out loud made me feel the Spirit even more. What a wonderful feeling baptism brings of being clean. Completely clean of everything. Every little thing, every big thing. Yes, E, yes I felt the Spirit.

When she was confirmed yesterday in church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost, she told us just how special she felt. What an amazing feeling. Yes, I could feel the Spirit.

This gospel is so wonderful. Our Father in Heaven really wants to give us the best He possibly can. I know E will go on to be a leader in the church. An example for the rest of her family. We are working with her family too. E is a wonderful example not only to her family, not only to our ward, but to me as well. I am grateful to sit back and watch the hand of God here in the mission. A scripture I found in Doctrine and Covenants this week says that when we see the heavens moving in all their majesty, we see the work of God. In the beautiful sky of Chihuahua, Mexico, I see the the work of the Lord.

I am so grateful for the priesthood. I have never been so grateful for the priesthood in my life. The priesthood really is the power of God given to man to act in the name of God for the salvation of His children. I am grateful for worthy priesthood holders here in Mexico that have the power to baptize, confirm the Holy Ghost, and bless the sacrament every week as a mini-baptism where we renew our covenants. I know that power, that wonderful power, can only be found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know this gospel is true!!

Hermana Hunt

Aquí está su foto con presidente. Compártalo con su familia!

Our last week together :( 

someone loves me!

We ate separate from the Elders yesterday, but Sister H had already made enough food for the four of us. She gave me and Sister L the portions the elders would have had. SO MUCH SPAGHETTI. Hijo le.

E's baptism

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