Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week............geez i have no idea.

Overall a good week. I mean, no one threatened to chop me into triangles, I didn´t get too many people calling me ¨white girl,¨ and we´re doing the Lord´s work out here. What more could I ask for?

We did this cool ¨Lehi´s Dream¨ activity for our ward´s family home evening night. We put up a totally rad tree made of gold tin foil and an iron rod made of foam tubes. The people had to answer questions right to advance in the rod of iron. If they answered a question wrong, they had to go to the great and spacious building. If they were steadfast and dilligent, they made it to the tree where they got a fruit and a sucker. It was fun. We even had a great turnout people. hahaha

I got letters and dear elders this week!! I´m working on responding to them. Don´t worry. Thanks to everyone who has sent me something! I hope you´re reading this.

I had an interview with the Mission President this week. We went all the way to CHIMEX to talk to him, and my interview was like. A minute long. Here´s how it went:

¨How are you doing, Hermana Hunt?¨

¨Great, President!¨

¨How´s the mission going?¨

¨Great, President!¨

¨Are you writing your family every week?¨


¨How are they doing?¨


¨You don´t say very much, do you Hermana?¨


¨Is that something in English or just because you don´t have much to say in Spanish?¨

¨Nope. That´s in English too, President.¨

¨I´m not really a person of many words either, so it looks like we´re done. Let´s pray.¨

And that is all. I paid over ten dollars in taxis to have that interview.

One thing we have been testifying a lot about because everything centers in Jesus Christ is the Atonement. I know Jesus Christ knows each one of you by name and that He suffered for your sins individually. One by one. He has felt exactly what you have felt, whether it be joy, sadness, sickness, or stress. He has felt it all, and because of that, He knows exactly what we are going through. He loves you with a perfect love. All He asks is that we follow Him through our good works. I know He lives and is here for us when we need Him. He is here for us when we think we don´t need Him. I know when we follow His commandments, we recieve blessings in our lives.

I love you and hope your week is full of sunshine!

Hermana Hunt

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