Monday, March 2, 2015


Que puedo decir de esta semana? I have learned so much this week about the spirit and about the way that Heavenly Father works. This week we went to bring M, a really great investigator, to her baptism. An hour after knocking and knocking on the door, she finally came out. We knew she was there for her two year old son, who was roaming the whole house and leaving and going in, but the mom would not come out. Finally she came out to tell us that she was not going to be baptized.


so we went inside, knelt down, and all said a prayer together. The spirit was so strong!!!! But M didn`t recognize it. She was so confused and said that she still hadn`t recieved her answer, so she didn`t know what to do. There was another baptism in the church, so M decided to go see the baptism, not to be baptized. 

When she saw J be baptized, M decided that she was going to do it. She took her baptisimal suit, suited up without a change of clothes or a towel or anything, and was baptized!! What a miracle!! She said she felt great, and now her husband is finally listening to us well too! Miracles happen!!!

We were so happy to see M get baptized after all the work she has put into it with her marriage and studying and praying. I know that God has a plan for us. A lot a lot a lot of the times we don`t see His plan and we get frustrated, but He`s so much smarter than we are. I know He has every little detail planned out. I know He loves us and wants us to be happy!!

Love you all! Have a crazy wonderful week!

Hermana Hunt

all american misionaries have cars. mexican missionaries no.

its cold in our house.

it was really windy this week. 

i`m taking out xrays while my comp has a rock in her eye. crazy day.

we teach them. hahaaha

M got baptized!!

they`re both named cesar, they both act crazy, they both have two years old, their moms both got baptized the same day, they`re both prone to accidents, but they look so different. haaha

imagine trying to walk in this street. good old cuauhtemoc.

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