Monday, March 23, 2015

week thousand and one.

This week we were able to help a guy named RB to understand that families can be forever. His wife died a few months ago, and they were married for 25 years!! He has been so sad lately, and he asked us if all this was true. If families really can be together forever. He looked me right in the eye to see if I was lying. I told him it was true, and he accepted to prepare for a baptism. He went to church yesterday. He really wants to have his wife with him again one day. I know it will be possible for him if he puts in his part. He will be able to have all of his loved ones at his side again. 

We had to dress up all fancy for a meeting with President and Mexico`s doctor this week. It was such a fancy meeting that we had to shower before going, paint our fingernails, and cake on a bunch of makeup. It was a good meeting. We learned how to cook meat without getting sick and not drink tap water here.

Funny things:

An old lady went with us to visit our investigators this week. She had brought a fish to give to her daughter on the way to cook for dinner, but her daughter was not home. Here, almost no one has a car or anything, so she came in a bus. She then wanted to give the fish to everyone we found in the street and everyone we visited so that she would not have to carry it around in her purse. She had a FISH in her PURSE!!!

We were teaching a catholic guy this week to pray to our Heavenly Father (Padre) to know if these things are true. He was super confused the whole time and kept talking about things off-subject. We kept teaching about prayer so that he would get it. Finally the light bulb went on and he said: OH!!! I thought you were telling me to ask my church pastor (padre) if this was all true!!!!

Hahaha have a wonderful week!!!

Hermana Hunt

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