Monday, March 16, 2015

Juan. Jesus. Luis.

There are only three names for Mexican men here. Juan, Jesus, and Luis. There are only a few people here that have different names. Here, they give someone their name for the day they are born. Every day has a ¨saint,¨ and they name their babies for the saints. For example, my baby girl was born the 3rd of March. Her name will be Guadalupe. 4th of March it`s Maria. How easy is that?! You never have to pick out a name. You never have to see the table leg to give your son a name or look endlessly in baby name books!! ;)

This week, we found a really, really cool investigator!! His name guessed it....juan jesus, or luis. We contacted him in the street. We gave him a pamphlet about the Restoration and we put an appointment down to go back and visit him. He is so so so smart that he learned english perfectly just by watching movies. When we went back, he had read the entire pamphlet and he had questions!! He told us that he had never prayed before, and at the end of that lesson, we invited him to pray. Saturday, we stopped by to visit him again and he says he has been praying every day. He`s already reading about Nephi and Laban and loves to read the Book of Mormon!!!

I have seen how Heavenly Father is preparing people to listen to us out here in Cuauhtemoc more than any other place that I have been my whole mission! It is a land of miracles!! I am writing with wet feet and cold fingers that will be cold and wet all day long, but it is so worth it for the people that are here in this magical place. I know this message we have is true, and being a missionary is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Love you!

Hermana Hunt

while looking for number 3207, we found three 3205s. Welcome to mexico!!!! haha We never found 3207.

celebrating one transfer together.

the cold of cuauhtemoc! It`s a dry cold.

what a lovely way to go potty.

this is what the street looks like when it rains. they don`t have a drainage system in the streets, so pretty big puddles form up. People die from drowning when it rains here.

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