Monday, February 23, 2015

15 month mark

The difference between Cuauhtemoc and Chihuahua or Parral can be summed up in two things.

One: Wind.
Two: Creepers.
That sums up everything for this week.
I have many new names given to me by creepers this week. Miss Universe, Elena, my one true love. I accept them all with gratitude, knowing that a black been looks pretty all mixed in with the brown beans, but a black bean with other black beans is just a black bean.
On the work side this week, things have gone well. We have a few investigators, M and C, that have been going to church every week!! They got married and everything so that they can be baptized! This week they brought M´s mom to church and C´s brother. They are so excited to learn more about the gospel!!
A, a young women whose grandma is a member, is so excited she even participated in the young women´s program yesterday! Her mom, who has had so much fear to go to church, went to church to see her yesterday. We are so excited to see little steps of faith!!!
Other A was so excited to go to church this week when Sunday morning she fought with her parents. She then decided to not go to church. Crazy how Satan works so hard so that the good things don´t work out well. She was so close to going to church.
J was able to see a baptism last week and is so excited for her baptism this week!! Her 2 year old son sings with us every time we go to visit her, but he doesn´t just sing, he SINGS. I love it. Then when we stop singing, he folds his little arms SUPER ready for the prayer.
I am so grateful for the huge blessings Heavenly Father is giving us. I am loving being here in Cuauhtemoc!!!
Have a great week!
Hermana Hunt

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