Monday, January 27, 2014

Sometimes I don't know what I am eating

I had a really hard week this week as my companion has stopped talking to me because I can´t understand her. I don´t really blame her--there´s no point in talking to someone who doesn´t understand what you´re saying! It´s been hard to feel the contention and not really be able to help it though. I am working hard to learn fast and learn a lot. I am really bad at remembering things, especially vocabulary words, so I am praying a lot too that Heavenly Father will help me. 

One year of girl´s camp when I was a YCL, I prayed for two months before the week of camp that I would be able to remember all the names of the girls in my level (first year girls) because I am so bad at remembering. That year of camp, I was able to remember all of the names of the girls. I felt closer to the girls and was able to help them better because I knew all of their names. I know Heavenly Father helped me with my memory that year. I definitly would not have been able to do that alone with my crazy mind. I know He will help me again with remembering words in Spanish, I just have to learn to be patient with myself even when the world is not so patient with me. I understand way more than when I started this thing though--going from not speaking any Spanish to being able to have a full conversation in Spanish in two months is pretty amazing. I am grateful for the things I am learning, and grateful for Heavenly Father´s help with everything I do.

The work goes on though, and I am really just the hands to do His work. I don´t matter in any of this. I see that more and more. I see how people are really already prepared to receive our message, even when it´s a little choppy and may be in past tense when it should be in the present. Haha :)

This week we had the baptistm of C! His family was not very active in the church, and they are coming to church every week now! The night of his baptism, his dad gave the closing prayer and it was so special. When he recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost, I felt something very special. I love seeing the people I teach progress. 

We went to visit a recent convert to the church the other day and found that her kids were really sick! We called our ward mission leader to give a blessing for the sick, and that night was very special. Even though I couldn´t understand well what was being said, and even though I am all the way in Mexico, I felt the same spirit fill the room during the blessing that I can feel when my dad exercises his priesthood. I could feel my dad in that room, and then realized that I could feel my Heavenly Father in that room. We went back to visit yesterday and her girls are back up to 100% speed. I am grateful to have the priesthood in my life and grateful for worthy priesthood holders, no matter where they are in this world. 

I know this gospel is true. I know this is the one and only one true gospel, and the one and only true gospel can only be found in this church. I am grateful for the short time I have to serve fully and completely as a missionary, and hope that I will be able to put my full heart into this work.

Love you!
Hermana Hunt

There is no word for creepy in Spanish. This creepy thing I walk by every night. It has "real" hair and eyelashes, but no eyeballs. Super Super creepy!

Sometimes I don't know what I am eating:

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