Monday, January 13, 2014

Week One In Mexico

Mexico is so AWESOME! The people here are so so so nice. I love it. My companion has to be crazy patient with me because I only understand like, 30% of what people are saying. Sometimes they´re asking me questions that I am supposed to say no to, but I say yes. Like:
Is the sunlight still in your eyes?
(No it´s not)
Do you want me to put your darks in with your whites?
(No I do not)
Do you want more of my soup with my hair in it?
Are you ready for me to turn off the lights?

It´s because questions in spanish don´t start with question words like English (who, what when, etc.) so I am having a hard time discerning what is a question and what is a statement. It´s pretty funny. We´ll just say it´s been an interesting week language-wise.
The food is delicious here. We eat lunch, which is the big meal of the day, with a member family every day. You gotta watch out for hairs. They don´t cut the fat off their meat either, which gives it flavor, but it´s still gross to me. I know I will adjust. But really. It´s perfect. The food. I might just live here forever for the food and the candy and juices and fruit. Yum. I´m starting the word yum here. Instead of: the food was muy rica (everyone says that), I say: the food was muy yummy. If not anything else, they just make fun of me. Puts a smile on their faces.
I learned this week more about the Plan of Salvation. When we contact people on the street, we tell them about the wonderful plan that God has for our lives. People are very interested that we lived with Heavenly Father before coming to the earth, and that this time on Earth is a time to learn and progress. I love contacting people on the street. It´s pretty easy because they all want to know why I am here.
The streets are dusty and the air is often dirty. In the morning, I look like a gringa, but by the night time, I am so coated in dirt that I.....okay still look like a gringa, but a very dirty gringa. Haha :) I am already starting to look like a lobster. I´m trying to keep the sunscreen on, but it is very hot here. I think I might die when summer comes along, since even my companion from Mexico City says that summers are crazy hot here.
I am continuing to put my faith in God that He will help me learn this language. I love to have things of the gospel occupy my mind. It´s almost like being a kid again where I don´t have to worry about too much--just my companion and the people we teach. I love being a missionary! I already have such a love for the people here. I am grateful to have this opportunity in my life to help others. I know Christ lives!
Love you!

Hermana Hunt

My little plane down here


My little apartment

You can buy a pizza here for only 115 dollars

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