Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week One in Mexico

Hey world! I am in Mexico!! It is wonderful. There is no better place to be than here. It is wonderful! And the FOOD!! Oh goodness. Everything is delicious. I might come home with a millon parasites because I love the food so much and eat everything and anything.

My compañera doesn´t speak any english. Hermana L. She´s pretty good at the shirades game! Every time she asks me to turn off a light I think she wants me to close the door, so. Yeah. Hahaha I love her a lot. She´s crazy nice. Plus she actually understands me, which is different than most of the people here--when I say something to them they just smile and nod.. ¨Do you have a family?¨ Grin....shake head up and down...look away...

I love everything here. Even the dogs that try to bite my head off and the drivers that try to smash into me, and the people on the streets who grin....shake head up and down....look away....hahaha I think in two weeks I will start to understand when words stop and when they start. Until then, I will keep amusing natives with my pronunciation of ´burrito.´

I see already how much Heavenly Father has blessed me here. I can understand a lot of what people are saying, and that is a huge blessing. I don´t even know how I would begin to do this great work without Him. I know that He has faith in me, and I try to have faith that He will help me.

I forgot to bring my cord for my camera because at the MTC you could just plug your SD card straight in. Next week, there will be pictures. I live in a tiny apartment with just one bedroom and a nice kitchen. Everything is locked at least three ways here to keep it safe. We live just a little bit away from the ¨Super,¨ which is nice. We live pretty central to our area. I´m in the city of Chihuahua in the north. PS if you want to see pictures of me with all the new missionaries in a restaurant with delicious food, you can look up my mission´s facebook page: Missión México Chihuahua. Or Missión Chihuahua México. I can´t remember which one. I´m sure it will be an interesting page. My mission president speaks very well in English, but sometimes it´s funny--probably just like I am to him in Spanish.

I´m forgetting how to spell things in English.

Today is kind of like a p-day until four, when everyone gets home. We always are out to teach at four. We have a lot of investigators and a lot of referrals right now!! I love having people to teach. This gospel is true. It´s happy! My testimony has been strenghtened of ´where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them´ as I have felt the spirit so strongly in our companionship study. We study from 8 to 12 with personal, companionship, first 12 weeks, and Spanish studies.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! I will send pictures on p-day Monday. Love you!!

Hermana Hunt

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