Thursday, December 12, 2013

Week 3 letter :)

Today was SUPER cold, and my companion and I were walking home after our service project and both of us realized we didn't have a key to the apartment. It seemed impossible to go back to find someone with a key. They were about a ten minute walk away from us after we had already made that distance to get home. We felt like we could not turn back because we might die. Haha I know we wouldn't have, but we were seriously so cold. It was really early in the morning and still dark outside. Instead of turning back, I decided to pray and we made the last few feet to our apartment. I prayed that the door would be open, which is kind of ridiculous because it automatically locks and we have no choice to leave it locked or unlocked. However, as we approached the door to the apartment, I simply pushed on the door and it opened. I take it as my little miracle of the day. Heavenly Father is showing me that He has not forgotten about me. He loves me enough to keep me warm on these freezing winter days.

The apartments we have class in have a beautiful little stream running through them. It's amazing to see the stream with it being this cold. All the water on the top is frozen solid, and people have even been walking across it safely, but you can hear the water sometimes still flowing through under all the ice. Utah is a beautiful place to be! The mountains are gorgeous, and I love to walk home towards the temple from class every day.

I had a hard day this week with being discouraged about not being able to do this great work. This work is very difficult. I knew it would be. Still, I was having a hard day. I ended up testifying to three investigators that day to have faith. With faith, we can do anything. The bible dictionary defines faith as having confidence in something or someone. I re-dedicated myself to giving this work my all. I have confidence that Heavenly Father will make up for when I fall short.

I love love love love love being a missionary. As usual. Thanks for all the prayers and letters. I am praying for you every day, and everyone knows God gives priority to His missionaries ;)

"Be still, and know that I am God."

Love you. 

Hermana Hunt

Funny things:
1. "Our teacher" in Spanish is "Nuestro Maestro" so naturally, every time we pray, we are grateful for Nuestro Maestro.
2. This super nice woman paid for me and my companion to have jamba juice today. Just paying in to the addiction I have.
3. We found a banana phone mixed in with all the bananas in the cafeteria. We all tried to call home.
4. Hermana S is crazy musical, and she is very impressed with my singing. I sing the soprano part in the MTC choir as well as the bass part. She's very jealous of my range. I sometimes sing all the way home from class, and notice how people are looking for where the man is that is singing. They are always surprised when they see it is really me singing. I never knew I had this talent until coming to the MTC. Why did I go in to economics with such an amazing talent like this? ;)

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