Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

This week has been like, the funniest week ever. And I have been speaking Spanish almost all day every day. I am learning a lot and having...too much fun...

First of all, Hermana R is with us for a little while because her visa came late, and by the time her visa came, there were no flights left because of Christmas. She has now spent Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in the MTC. Poor girl. She is awesome though. She is like, a magic closet full of right answers. Whenever I have a question I ask her!

I am going Friday to get my visa!! I am really excited about that. All the other girls in my entire zone (total of two others...haha) are going on the second, so I will be flying solo on the second. Kinda weird to be a solo missionary. I will be so lonely. haha

Okay. Funny things. Elder F ripped his pants all the way from his hip to his knee. Good thing we had some lava lavas still in the classroom because that is what he wore all the way back (across a busy utah street) to his apartment to get some new pants. It was so funny. He came back to class and announced "!Yo tengo mis pantalones!" so that is the new joke in the district. Holy jamolee. It was so funny.

Also Elder F. Addressed 20+ Christmas cards TO HIMSELF. He sent them all out and stamped them and everything. They went to the Provo mail center and straight back to the MTC. When we went to pick up the mail (my companion, Hermana S, is the sister training leader now) we pulled all these letters out that were all the same size with the same handwriting all to Elder F with different "from" addresses in the top left corner. Our generation doesn't know how to use snail mail ;)

Hermana S got her hair in the toilet water.

I got a smiley face on my hamburger!!! One of the workers used mozzarella cheese to make a smile on my cheddar cheese. I didn't even know until I went to put ketchup on my burger and found THE most fun surprise EVER. It made my day. 

Our classroom flooded and ruined a lot of our books. We had to move to a smaller classroom for a little while, and because there are eight of us in the district, Hermana W had to be IN THE CLOSET. Hahahahaha her desk was in the closet, and whenever we didn't want to talk anymore we would just close the closet door. Good old West Campus. Keepin it classy.

Also, the lady at the travel office told me about how she had to train a few sisters when she was on her mission. She was talking about how crazy the sisters were. Not only did she have to train one how to be a missionary, but she also had to train her how to walk. "You're a missionary. You can't walk like an elephant!!" So awesome. I love the lady at the travel office.

Alright. Enough funny stuff. Serious things:

We committed both our investigators to baptism this week! What an amazing feeling to see them progressing and being so much happier. What a difference in our investigator, Jose! He wouldn't even look at us when we started teaching him because he was so depressed. Now he's coming to church and making amends with his family. Praying every day. It's so wonderful. We are the third set of missionaries our investigator, Patricio, has had, so I contribute a lot of his success to the other missionaries. They dropped him though because he wasn't progressing. He's progressing now!!! I love to see how eager he is to learn more and learn what he can do to be a better father and to have an eternal family. One that will be happy in the eternities with Heavenly Father. He is getting baptized the first week of February. I am so excited for him!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! Thank you for all the letters and packages. You spoil me. I hope you remember how wonderful Christmas truly is. In Luke chapter 2, if you have time, read the story of the angel coming to the shepherds, and really focus on what the shepherds must have been thinking and what their reactions were. I loved doing that. I gained a lot of insight. Merry Christmas! Love you!

Hermana Hunt

last time i will see my teachers!! Hermano T is the big Polynesian one and hermano P is the small white guy :) They are SO AWESOME!! seriously. They have taught me so much.

sister S got 21 letters in one day. also. that green bottle is heaven. or close to.

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