Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One Month Down

Holy jamolee the MTC is so awesome. I love being a missionary!!!!

I learned this week more about faith. Faith is to have confidence in someone or something. We watched the movie "Mountains to Climb" from the Mormon channel, and it was so wonderful. I learned that when all seems to be wrong, if we have even just a PARTICLE of faith, we can exercise it and it will grow. Even when all else seems to be gone, we will always have just a little bit of faith left, and when we act on that faith, when we turn to God, our faith will increase and times will become much better. My confidence in God is growing so much stronger here as I exercise my faith every day. I see His hand in my life. 

I am grateful for all the letters. They brighten my day :)

This week Hermana D went home for medical reasons. It was incredibly hard on our district, especially her companion, Hermana S. We miss her very much. Hermana S, Hermana W, and I are now in a trio, except for these next few days while a sister from another district, Hermana R, is still waiting for her visa (so today I am just companions with Hermana S). I am starting to be a little worried with two weeks left to get my visa, but I'm sure it will all work out. We miss Hermana D very much, and hope that she will get better soon. The trio is pretty cool though. We can stay in sightsound in a triangle, and we often utilize that skill. We also have a pretty awesome handshake that turns into a rocket ship....Yeah. Be jealous.

Hermana W almost fell asleep in our lesson the other day. She exclaimed "The couch is like the Devil!!" Hahaha :) She has a hard time with the amount of sleep we get here. I've been pretty good with it. I am tired of sitting at a desk all day long though. This morning was the first morning my alarm clock was a part of my dream. My companion was like: "Hermana Hunt WHAT THE heck?! TURN your ALARM CLOCK OFF!!" Hahaha and then I realized...it wasn't a dream.

In less than three days I will have been in the MTC for a month. It seems like just yesterday I got here, and it also seems like a year ago I got here. I love being a missionary!

Love you all.

Hermana Hunt

I made it on the board for quotes. My teacher calls me Hermana Heart because, well, he just thinks that is my name and I don't correct him.

This is our goodbye to Hermana Duncan. Also this giant picture has a really funny story about framing and I like it. the picture is an original canvas and valued at over 3 million dollars. The had a really hard time getting the frame in through the doors, and they had to disassemble it like four times. Pretty funny. 

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