Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sorry everyone! It has taken me too long to get Sarah's first letter up, but here it is :)

The MTC is awesome!! Seriously. The spirit here is SO strong. I LOVE being a missionary!!! Holy Jamolee. So much. I can't even describe in words how awesome it is! The spirit is here ALL THE TIME. I can focus so well! The gift of tongues is real. I can talk fairly well for a missionary here, when before I left I could not remember much in spanish. I remember words from high school spanish that I did not study a second time here or see again here, but I remember them!! It's amazing. Heavenly Father is real.

My companion, Hermana W, is the companion I prayed for. She is super chill and just lets me have my own space. The other hermanas in our apartment, Hermana S and Hermana D, are crazy and fun and wonderful! I love how they make me laugh so often. Like, every day. But I like that I spend most of my time with Hermana W. I know a lot of spanish to be in the beginning Spanish class. I know more than the intermediate people who are leaving the MTC in a week and a half or so. However, there are a lot of gospel terms that I am learning. You all know how well I learn vocab words. 

It has been difficult to eat the food here and to deal with the young elders. But my stomach is getting stronger as well as my heart. I remember that Christ can use me, even with all my imperfections. Therefore, Christ can use the very young elders as well. They put me in as the Sister Training Leader, which basically at the MTC means I get the privilege of telling the sisters when their skirts are too tight or when they are flirting to much with the elders. It's a pretty funny "calling" for me. It's not really a calling because my calling is to be a missionary, so I already accepted any other responsibilities that go along with it! I love being the leader though. Last night I called a 'very important' meeting together, and it was just fun. I love watching out for the physical and spiritual health of the hermanas. 

We're on the west campus, which is the overflow MTC because there are so many missionaries!! Everyone on this campus is learning spanish, which is so cool! Ever day I'm just speaking spanish all day long! We get our own shower for four sisters! We also walk everywhere in the COLD!! I am going shopping today for some more cold weather supplies. I am also pretty sick, so I've gone through a lot of my cough drops already. I pray I will get better before they decide to kick me out. You have to go to the doctor for a sore throat here, so pneumonia is a little intense for the MTC.

Basically I study the gospel and spanish all day every day. It's beautiful. I love it. We also have an investigator named Cristobal. We are trying to teach him with the spirit. I love the lessons and the teachers here. The work is hastening! It's a great place to be.

Funny things: 
1. One of these pictures is for my dad because he said I would "never" be able to line dry my clothes on my mission. :) Why not use the kitchen?
2. I told our investigator that Christ died for the store. (la tienda and la tarrea are very close)
3. I told a couple hermanas that Christ died for our fish. (los pecados and los pescados are also very close)
4. I cried like a baby in front of everyone at lunch. It was pretty pathetic. Everyone was all looking at me like--man, that is one crazy hermana. hahaha I didn't know I was such a GIRL!! Bah.
5. I keep almost falling off my bed. It is a small bed. I sleep in the bottom bunk, but it is very high from the floor. My poor companion has about three feet between her bunk and the ceiling!

Love you!

Hermana Hunt

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