Monday, December 1, 2014

Él es la Dádiva

This week, again, was full of miracles. We did a really cool activity with the young women and young men in our branch. We did divisions with them!! My companions for a day were Hermana Lopez and Hermana Peña...haha a recent convert of like, two weeks, that is only thirteen years old, and a sixteen year old investigator. It made me a little bit scared, but it was awesome! My companion also worked with a fifteen year old recent convert. These sisters stayed at our house, planned with us at night, studied with us in the morning, and then left to preach the gospel with us. It was wonderful!! We saw so many miracles. The activity ended with my ¨companion´s¨ baptism. Every young man and young woman shared their testimony at the end of the activity. The Spirit was strong and many expressed their desires to serve a mission, including the investigators that did the activity with us. What a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel. The young people of the church are so strong (yes we had to ask our mission president permission to do the activity...but it came out really well).

One of our investigators, S, had only gone to church once when she did her homework to ask Heavenly Father if this was the true church. She´s twelve years old. We had only taught her like two times, and she kneeled down to ask if this was all true and if Joseph Smith really saw God and Jesus Christ in the air above him. Saturday, she told us: ¨I did my homework last night.¨ and we were like, cool how did it go? She told us ¨good.¨ Then she asked us: ¨When can I be baptized?¨ WHAT!? hahaha so we started to tell her she had to go to church at least four more Sundays and that we had to teach her some more things and she just said: ¨Who do I have to talk to so that I am baptized sooner? Like, today?¨ WHAT!? so we talked to our branch president, who talked to our mission president, who gave us permission to baptize her with only one Sunday at church and hardly any missionary lessons. 

The Lord certainly has His hand in this work.

Elder M took her out to do a baptismal interview in that very moment, and Hermana M and I, with all our young ¨companions¨ went into another room to offer a prayer. I wasn´t sure if we were doing the right thing baptizing her so fast, or if her parents would accept it (her parents are a little hard), so we all knelt down and prayed to see if this was the Lord´s will. The feeling I received in that moment I think is the sweetest feeling I have ever had. God reassured me that it would all be alright. That we were doing His will. I could feel it. I could almost touch it. We prayed that her parents would accept, and immediately left to talk to them. At first the mom didn´t want anything to do with us, and then, by much more praying, the mom accepted, and S was baptized on Saturday.

I love this work. There is nothing more amazing nor anything that gives more satisfaction than this work that I have ever done. Many times we had to stop and say this week ¨What are we supposed to do?¨ and the answer was always ¨We trust in God.¨ I know this is His work, and I could never deny these wonderful experiences I am living through. I love this work. Do do do do do I´m lovin it. :D

Hermana Hunt

Do I look like her? Bahahahahaha :D

PS I´m going to sing on the radio next monday to promote the page the chruch put on. Check out the page, and tune in to the Parral radio to hear my beautiful voice...haha I´ll make sure to record it for yall.

PS we had to leave our house late at night last night because someone has been breaking in and showering in our shower. That´s why all my shampoo has gone missing....hahaha it was a fun adventure. Even in an emergency, Hermana M can´t go without her

Nothing like a good old rabbit lunch with pumpkin empanadas to celebrate the day of thanks. Our branch president, who looks like jack black, and his wife made all the missionaries from Parral lunch (like, 30 missionaries). It was crazy awesome and absolutely delicious.

Then there are some pictures of ¨WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING IN PARRAL?!?!¨ Because this area has never had any success. Like, none. But the Lord is now starting to hasten his work here. It´s making me a little bit scared. My companion too. We are seeing so many miracles that we see the Lord´s hand here in the work.

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