Monday, June 16, 2014

They Changed My Mission!

I am now serving in Brazil. I didn't have time to tell y'all, but they transferred me Thursday. Love you all and will now be writing from Brazil.

Ha. Ha. Not really. We just found a piñata in Mexico like the sculpture of Jesus in Brazil.

Hermana L and I were waiting in a street corner the other day when M came up to us. He was just looking at us kind of funny and was at a creepy distance, and Hermana L was talking on the phone, so I started talking to him. He said we looked really happy, and he wanted to know how to have that happiness in his life. He is passing through a divorce and has three kids. He is really sad right now. We wrote down his address and made an appointment to visit him. We testified of the peace and the spirit that can be found inside of the church and invited him to come with us.

Yesterday--guess what! He went to church with all of his kids!!! After Sacrament Meeting, he said ¨what you said is right--I feel really at peace here.¨ I am so grateful that when you enter in this church you can feel the Spirit. I{m grateful for the members who go to church with purpose and pray for the Spirit to be there so that when an investigator enters in the building, they can feel the Spirit. I am so happy M could feel the peace he really needs in his life right now. 

I know this Gospel blesses families. It blesses families in ways we don't even see! A less-active member came up to us this week too and introduced herself to us. We went to visit her and she is also passing through a divorce. She told us that if she had just gone to church every week with her husband, things would be different. That is very true. This gospel is for everyone, and it helps our families to stay together. It helps us to develop stronger ties between us. Every week we have the opportunity to participate in the sacrament. To change the things we have done wrong and set goals to do better. I know attendance every week in church is so important for families!

Love you all, and don't forget there is a difference between Latter-day Saints and the average person!! 

Hermana Hunt

¨Service, Hermana. I climbed up a step-stool.¨ -Hermana L
¨If you say so....¨ -Hermana Hunt

Definition: Bolis.

Whateveryoufeellikeputtinginaplasticbagandfreezing. Seriouslywhatever.
Our bolis dying because we had to do our planning session. My companion did mouth to mouth. It's all good.

My Bolis died. It was a sad moment.

One day we walked from the little specks you see in the background close to the mountains all the way to the other side of the valley. We were really hot and sweaty. It's good to be a missionary.

Hulk has been changing little by little, but we still don't know how to get a ride for him to go to church with us.

We always dress the same. Usually we study the same things too in our personal study time. It's kind of creepy.

My mom sent me a brick of chocolate. This what it looks like even IN the house. It's hot here.

 A recent convert :)

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