Monday, April 20, 2015


This week was such a good week!!! We could work well and we saw a lot of miracles! Remember R? This week HE PAID HIS TITHING. Investigators that pay their tithing? WOW. We taught him about the blessings of tithing. He is struggling a bit to feed himself and his son and keep his house and everything. They live off of 80 dollars a week. That´s 120 pesos of tithing. He put his faith in Heavenly Father that He will help him with all he needs this week. This guy is so cool.

We found a family this week too of 5. The dad had never ever stepped foot in a church before in his entire life. Yesterday, he went to church for the first time and loved it. His wife is already reading in 1st Nephi 8 and wants to know if the Book of Mormon is true. We are super excited to teach this family!!

I shouldn´t say we but I because today my companion has transfers. We are pretty sad. But things are going to be alright :)

We learned about gifts and talents this week with Mathew 15. President told me in front of everyone that I am not using the gift I have. Ouch. I will be working on that in these next few weeks!! If Heavenly Father gives us a gift, we should not hide it like the man who hid his one talent. We should not have fear that things are going to go wrong. We should develop and use the gift that He has given us so that He doesn´t take it away! When much is given, much is required!

Love you! Hope you all have a great week!!

Hermana Hunt

Funny things:

My district leader scratched his butt in the middle of his presentation on monday and then proceeded to hand us chocolates with the same hand. I told him I don´t like chocolate...

My companion wore a hat this week so that she wouldn´t get burnt so much. That day three people talked to us in German thinking that we were menonites.

We contacted a guy under a tree the other day sitting on a bench. We were going to sit down with him when we realized the bench was covered in A BUNCH of bird poop. The man said that the bird poop had just barely fallen. While we were talking to him, bird poop kept falling down from the tree, covering this guy in crap. He was all good with it too. It didn´t matter to him that birds were pooping on him or anything!!!

fruit on the street. I´ve got chile of course and my comp just lime and salt

learning how to make tauramara skirts

my comp is a little bit weird.


our tauramara family is never very happy....they are so so so so so shy

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