Monday, January 12, 2015

When you enjoy liberty, protect it!!

This week has definitely been productive. At the beginning of the week, I was sick and Sister C told us we had to stay in the house and not work. Then at the end of the week, my companion got sick. Yay for only working a few precious hours this week!! But a lot of good came of it. For example, my companion painted one of the rooms in our house, we helped some sisters change houses and while carrying a mattress, one of them peed their skirt, we are finishing the books we have been trying to finish all our missions, and I got to try coffee. Picture evidence attached.

So this has been my week!!! But! It has not been in vane. I have been reading a lot and understanding a lot. Here is a lovely story for you all:

A pretty little bird was hanging out high up in his tree one day doing happy things and being happy when he saw a mysterious man pass by with a strange black box. The bird went down to see what was in the box.

¨What do you have there?¨ Asked the bird.
¨Worms,¨ replied the man, ¨but every worm costs one feather.¨

What a wonderfully easy way to get my food! And delicious too!! thought the bird. He carefully chose one of the smallest, ugliest feathers that he had to pluck it out. It hurt really bad to take it out, but after eating the delicious worm, he felt better.

Every day the strange man passed by, and every day the pretty little bird chose another feather and feasted on a worm until one day the bird took out one of his main feathers. He now couldn´t make it up to the highest part of the tree, but he feasted on a delicious worm.

Finally the strange man stopped passing by because the bird didn't have any feathers left. The little bird was not pretty anymore, couldn't even reach the first branch of the tree, and was very sad.

This is how Satan gets us. He starts out with something so small as the smallest, ugliest feather the bird had until all of the sudden we are giving him our most precious feathers. The feathers we have worked hard for. The most beautiful and expensive possession that we have. Satan does not try to tell a field that it should be full of weeds, but starts out with one little dandelion until the whole field is covered in bad.

¨Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.¨ Galatians 6:7

I hope we can all plant, even in our simplest of simple thoughts, good things, so that we will be able to harvest the good. If we let even the smallest of bad into our thoughts, that thought will grow until we only are able to harvest the bad. 

Plant good things this week!!! Protect your precious feathers!!

I love you!

Hermana Hunt

PS estamos tan hermosas.

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