Monday, January 19, 2015

Last Day in Parral

This week has been wonderful!! Sister L is getting over some freakishly bad strep throat, and the doctors told her she had already had WAY too much antibiotics, but it just doesnt go away!! She´s feeling much better now, but we did go in to Chihuahua to have the doctors check it.

This week we have seen so much progress in the L family. They are so excited for their baptism this saturday, but they were starting to tell us they weren´t ready and they wanted to keep listening, but this saturday they went to another sister´s baptism, and when it was over the L family exclaimed: we´re ready to be baptized!! hahaha they are so amazing. They have changed so much in these few months that I have been in Parral.

These few months that I have been in Parral have already ended. Today I have transfers. Yikes. I will miss Parral with all my heart--and the people that are here. I love everyone I have come in contact with here, and many have my heart. Good thing there is a thing called facebook, right? Parral really is the land of miracles. I have seen how much the Lord really is hastening His work here in Parral. In a desert where they said that a year ago they didn´t have any success, Heavenly Father has really sped things up here! Soon it will be a stake and soon there will be a temple here ;)

We´ve been trapped up in the house this week because we´ve been sick, but we have not stopped seeing the wonderful miracles that Heavenly Father gives us!!

Love you!

Hermana Hunt

we made ¨buckeyes¨ for ohio state football.

chuey made us these lovely pictures when their whole family went to church! 

one day we went to eat pizza. i was really excited. my companion not so much. :D

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