Monday, January 26, 2015

Cuauhtemoc, my land!!

Here in Cuauhtemoc, it is really cold and there are a lot of menonites. Every day people ask me if I am a menonite. And the menonites look at me very confused trying to figure out if I am menonite or not.

My new companion, Hermana R, just made it from the MTC here. She is from Colombia. I teach her spanish. It is pretty cool. Words like un chorro and los cholos and una pluma. It makes me happy. She teaches me words like chi chì and pitìllo and nevera. She is very dramatic too. It`s just the culture, but I find it very funny. We have a rat in the house and she screams a lot. I probably should be a better companion and not laugh every time.

Here in Cuauhtemoc, things are moving FAST!! We are opening up an area where there hasn`t been anyone working for a little bit. We have a really great map and really great members, and that is a good thing, but we have still gotten lost a few times this week.

On Tuesday, we couldn`t find our house and it was already almost nine at night, so we found a little store and went inside to ask if they knew where our street was. Turns out our house is only two houses down from the store. Oops.

People here are really open to the gospel. We found a really wonderful family here, M and C, that are super ready to hear the gospel. They already went to church and everything. We are placing baptisimal dates with everyone--even the people we start to talk to in the street. It is a beautiful life and a beautiful time to be a missionary!!

Love you all!! No pictures this week--next week we`ll find a cyber that sends pictures!

Hermana Hunt

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