Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I have transfers today. Saddest day on the PLANET. How have I accumulated so many things? hahaha

It is horrible to love people so much and then have to leave them without being able to say goodbye. That is possibly the only bad thing about missions.

This week I have learned better the value of things. The culture here teaches to value what you have. People think little things like a hand-made rose or a purse are precious and they value even the little things that don't cost anything. They will compliment a shirt like crazy and always point out the good in what they have. They live humbly but very happily. Every little thing has a value to them. Even when it's old, out of style, and sometimes out of service, it has a value. A grand value. And I love that about Mexico. Here's to wearing out-of-date clothes that no one wanted up there so they came down here! And they{re cute here! hahaha :D

I get to go meet my new companion now!

Have a great week!

Hermana Hunt

 I want this dog. Dogs act so different here! I want a dog from Mexico. lol

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