Monday, May 19, 2014


This week has been one of the best weeks of the mission!! I love my new companion, Hermana L, and we work well together and we have had success. I'm in an area directly next to my old area. You can see my old area in our map. That doesn't mean it's the same! Where my old area was very flat, we are hiking in the mountains in this area! I love it! Where there were tons of people in the street to contact in my old area, there are hardly any people in the street here! It is really weird that it is so close but so different!

Funny things:
1. My new district thinks that my dad owns Hunts Ketchup.
2. A bird pooped in my hair on Wednesday.
3. I invited people to commit to reading their scriptures with a word that means commit a crime here--definitly not commit to reading.

Awesome things:
My companion is constantly trying to help me improve in a constructive-way. I have a lot to learn from her for my future companions. She is going to complete 9 months in the mission the day after I complete 6 months in the mission (tomorrow!). She is like the sweetest person ever, but you better watch out if you start to question her authority. She teaches with love, but knows how to say things directly.

I have learned more of the worth I have this week. I love the chapter of Proverbs 31 that talks about virtuous women. Many people know one verse of this chapter, but the whole chapter is super awesome!! Except the part that talks about how we should drink our worries away...good old bible. HOWEVER. This chapter talks about how hard it is to find a virtuous woman and the things virtuous women do. This week I have tried to improve on my virtue. There is a part in Preach My Gospel that talks about repentance immediately after we sin. We shouldn{t wait until the night or end of the work day to repent. Virtuous people repent in the moment they recognize they have commited an error. I love the feeling of being clean and virtuous. It is hard with so many temptations in the world these days, but with Jesus Christ{s help, we can be pure and have the Spirit with us.

Hermana C, the Mission President's wife, held a reunion with all the sisters this week. She had a nice, glass jar she showed everyone and talked about how the Spirit is super fragile, like a glass jar. She then dropped the jar and glass shards scattered everywhere! She talked about how we can lose the Spirit in a second when we get angry or when we think of something bad. That simple. One second. She then brought out another jar. This jar was super pretty with flowers and decorations. It was made of really thick glass. She said we need to work so that we can feel the Spirit more strongly in our lives. She then proceeded to throw that jar to the ground too! We were all afraid at this point...;) She talked about how even if we have the Spirit more strongly in our lives, we can lose it just as easy--in one second--when we let temptation overrule our good actions. I am learning how to make sure I have the Spirit with me through choosing the right!

Love you all!

Hermana Hunt

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