Tuesday, February 15, 2011

suuunshine, i'd really like to tell you oh my suunshine, even though your skies are blue

Oh where to begin, where to begin...this morning I woke up with what I was thinking was completely enough time to get to classes and realized after I got out of the shower that my classes were starting in four minutes. Thirty minute drive, five minutes fixing the hair...NOT gonna make it :) I decided to bake cookies instead of going to class! This required a stop at the local grocery store. I needed milk anyway. Results: yummy chocolate cake mix cookies to send to a missionary in the MTC. At Smiths I saved a bundle on rice a roni! YUM. I love that place. They always have great deals! Once I even obtained ten, yes TEN, cream cheeses for 24 CENTS (tax). Props to my sister for being all coupon savvy and telling me about the best deals...

After shopping and baking and cooking and cleaning, I worked the night shift. I haven't done that in ages! It was really nice to get a lot of stuff done this morning and then go to work. The night shift makes me so tired! I loved to see my co-workers that I don't often see though! Seriously. I love everyone I work with! It's wonderful.

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